Editor for these Backgrounds :)

I recently found these backgrounds on episodelife.com, and I tried to search the editor of those backgrounds, and I couldn’t find them. I would’ve liked them to edit those backgrounds for me, but I couldn’t find them on Instagram. So I was wondering if anyone on here would like to edit those few backgrounds. Here they right:

Based on those backgrounds, it looks like it’s night time, and that’s okay. I would like them to be edited so that it shows that it’s daylight outside though the windows.

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I’ve tried uploading those to my catalog and they get rejected for copyright :(:expressionless:

Are you serious? How is it copyrighted?

I have no clue but they didn’t let me upload it sadly

It is @lonewolfe :blue_heart:

I can’t find them on Instagram.

The Background is amaze, BTW :heart:

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Oh okay.

Maybe I shouldn’t try to upload it then :frowning:

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Oh okay. Well I’ll send them a ticket then. Thanks for clearing that up for me because Episode has been rejecting backgrounds for no reason now. It’s crazy.

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