Editor needed for a background

Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could turn the attached pic into kind of like a dance floor? Like with neon lights and a disco ball.

what kind of dance floor are you think of?

Not sure how you want the dance floor but I decided to try this out. Lemme know what changes you’d like! :>
(I made a day and night version)



this is so nice, wow! :blob_hearts:
btw maybe put ur watermark? just so that nobody claims its theirs!

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aw, thanks!! <3

also thanks for the watermark suggestion but it doesn’t matter to me if others claim it :]

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Thank you so much, they’re perfect.
Also how do you want me to credit you?

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I’m glad I could help! And you don’t have to credit me :'D

Ok, no problem :blush:

ah ok! just wanted to remind you just in case :purple_heart:

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Hey…i was wondering if you could help me too. I am in desperate need of some editing in the picture. Can you please convert the chair and table as an overlay along with extra things like flower pot. It will be a really big help.
Please contact me on @i_am_crystal_95 on Instagram. Also I’m ready to credit you.

if you need overlays for this particular episode background, you can find them in episode portal: