Editor needed for background

Hello, so I need a background edited so that it looks like the plaster has come off the wall, like it a big chunk! The the plaster coming off the wall will be revealing the name of the story title

This is the background that needs editing.

If you can do it get me and my writing partner @Cheyara_episode58 will be much appreciative

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Let me see what I can do.

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So you want it to look like that plaster come off and what do I behind it?

Thank you, I’ll be able to do the text obviously I just need it to look like the plaster has come off the wall as I’ll be using it for an intro

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Like I’m having it where 2 people are punching the wall which causes the plaster to come off in a huge chunk

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Like this.

Or is it suppose to look something like that.


The first one that looks amazing! Thank you!

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Sorry I just shows my writing partner and it needs to be bigger, she’s picky :joy:


I understand :joy:

That’s perfect thank you! She approves :joy:

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Glad she does :blush::blush::joy: