Editor's Pick Question


So, I am really curious to know how editor’s pic k stories are chosen…? (Specifically, the monthly picks.)

So does one apply to become an editor pick and the editors will essentially pick the ones they see as best in their eyes or are they chosen by the editors with no applications?

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I think I saw somewhere that they are basically selected based on reader retention and ratings. I don’t think it is possible to apply, otherwise all the authors would do that, but anyone please correct my if I am wrong.


Thank you so much for answering this question! Ah yes, I am sure authors would be sure to apply!


I don’t know how the Editor’s picks work. I think it’s a bit unfair because of the stories that Episode picks. They don’t really tell authors on how to go about being picked.

Yeah it would have been great to receive some sort of advice regarding it all

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I believe editor’s picks are based of reader retention and one other thing, when the shelf comes up you can click on the picture at the top and it tells you how they pick. I think episode is doing great with the stories they are starting to feature on shelves. They seem to be featuring a lot more smaller authors, stories with low reads and POC authors.


Thank you very much for answering, Ameerah :purple_heart:


Just like @ameerah said;
High retention/reader engagement + high reader scores (I think they mean the star ratings) :yellow_heart: :slight_smile:

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