Editors random gc?

Hi. intensive creepy smiling
I have nothing to do rn (sarcasm intended) so anyone wanna join an Instagram Group chat? :sweat_smile:
Only Rules:

  1. You must be an editor/artist
  2. I’ll only pick a few since I’m awkward with too many people :sneezing_face::see_no_evil:

  3. Be kind and respectful :sparkles:
  4. I do not promise that this gc will be active 24/7 but we’ll try :kissing_closed_eyes:
  5. We can also help each other, give feedback etc for edits/arts we make :two_hearts:
  6. DM/PM me an example of your art/edit on Instagram @/talesbygowri and I’ll let you know if you’re accepted :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This group chat is on Instagram


sure, I’d love to [especially because I literally just made an account on instagram]

@nuha.episode is mine :))

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Okie :kissing_closed_eyes: Could you DM me an example of your work? :two_hearts:

sure, gimme some time

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I’ll join (:

My Episode & edits account = @/m.h.c.episode
My art account = @/the. _ .animal. _ .artist

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Mine is @episode.lillz you can find some of my artwork there I hope I’m not too late this time

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Okie. I’ll be back in a bit to see the responses and depending on the number of people wanting to join, I’ll accept members :kissing_closed_eyes:
Also for @episode.lillz :two_hearts:


I would love to join:)

I edit custom poses mostly (I can kinda draw but don’t do it too much :sweat_smile:)

My IG is @dragon.writes

I would like to join (:

insta : @the.silversss

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Lmao why not, it’s not like I have a life or sm :point_up_2::weary:
My ig is @teekay_episode

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add me pleasee if you’re still acceptingggg @maxene.episode

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