Edits And Covers That I Made


These are a couple of edits and covers I have made from the characters in my stories. I wanted to see what you guys think about it. (I’m not an expert at this so-)




Thank you :blush:


It’s so beautiful!




They all look great! :grin:




They are awesome… are you from Louisiana??? Sorry you might not want to say… lol


Thanks and no, I am not from Louisiana.


Wanna join a art group


Well, once I start to get better at editing and making covers (which will most likely not happen) maybe I would.


You are good we Can help you out @ that’s why were called episode helpers


Those are fantastic! The only thing I’d suggest is getting rid of some of the white lines around the characters. Unless you want them there, of course.


The ones where you can really see the white lines are really old and I started to get a little better at removing them but only on one colored backrounds


May I get your instagram so that I can credit you?


It’s @episode.sha_dow


I need a character edit


Thanks @episode.sha_dow


And you can edit mine if you want…


Sorry but I am not taking peoples request for edits. I’m still in school and making my story, I don’t have time to do character edits for others.