EDIT 1/25: Real life is keeping me too busy to work on edits, so for the time being I’m putting a temporary hold on requests! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi, I’m Ash and I like to use Photoshop :orange_heart::thought_balloon::tangerine:

:arrow_right: Types of edits I make

NOTE: I do not draw new art! I can only edit pre-existing pictures and Episode assets & animations!

  • Large (966x642): max 4 characters

  • Small (420x580): max 2 characters

  • 640x1136 (one-zone background)

  • Title & chapter cards

  • Content warnings

  • Sound & effect messages

  • End story credits (social media, special thanks, etc.)

Background edits
  • I CAN NOT MAKE NEW BACKGROUNDS! I can only edit pre-existing pics!

  • Add items (posters, objects)

  • I can edit/remove items in Episode backgrounds, I’m not super great at it lol but I will give it a try! :smile:

  • Photographs, notes & handwriting, letters & documents, etc.

  • I CAN NOT MAKE NEW OVERLAYS! I can only edit pre-existing pics!

  • Remove background from an object

  • Make sections transparent (window, doorway, etc.)

:arrow_right: Examples of my work

Large cover

Large cover

Small cover

Small cover

Splash (sound message)

Splash (chapter card)

Background edit (wall)

Background edit (newspaper)

Overlay (window)

Overlay (bed)

:arrow_right: If you would like to request an edit, please comment with what type and fill out one of the forms below!

NOTE: If you don’t have ideas/preference for style, just let me know and I’ll use my imagination!


-Size: (small/large/both)
-Author: (optional)
-Tagline: (optional)
-Background: (pic/color)
-Theme: (mood/style/genre)
-Character(s): (Ink/Limelight; list of features & simple outfits, poses)
-Other: (optional)


-Type of splash:
-Background: (pic/color)
-Theme: (mood/style/genre)
-Other: (optional)

Background Edit:

-Background: (pic must be AT LEAST 640x1136, or one zone, in size)
-What you want added, changed, or removed:
-Other: (optional)

I do my best to follow directions and specifications, but if there are any problems I’ll message you so we can work them out!

:arrow_right: Waitlist


These are awesome!!

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Thank you!! :smile:

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They are so good! You’re really talented :sparkling_heart:

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I absolutely love your art can I get a splash on volume warning :blush:

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Thank you so much!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you!! Of course! What kind of theme and what text/background would you like?

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Is there a way I can get something like this??

What would I have to give you to make something like this?


Of course! Here’s what I need to know:

  • Newspaper name & date
  • Picture(s) you want included - If you want something similar to that one, I need:
  • Character(s) details (pic/list of features & outfits, poses)
  • Background pic
  • Text you want included - I can make up a paragraph if you just have an idea of a topic lol, or if you have specific sentences you want included

That example I made for something I was working on so it’s not that great lol, I’ll do a better job on yours! :smile:


Hi! Can you tell me the names of the items in the outfit? Thank you! :grin:

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Hello, can I have a:

Size: Small cover
Title: Colours (Rainbow lettered title)
Background: White background OR a background full of negative words

(I hope this is ok. By the way what does style actually mean, because I still don’t understand, sorry :sweat: :grimacing:)

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Hi! This is great, I’ll get started right away!

Haha sorry, I edited it so hopefully it’s clearer :sweat_smile: By style I just mean the theme or feeling you want portrayed, so I can choose the appropriate fonts and colors, character poses and expressions, etc. :grin:

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Oh right :sweat_smile:.
Some sort of “Loving yourself” Vibes if you get what I mean :sweat_smile: :smile:

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Okay, I gotcha :ok_hand:

What kind of “negative words” do you mean?

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Like you know the type of small words that can make people feel negative towards themselves:(words such as ’ Ugly, Sad, fat, horrible, dumb’ ) those types of words?

(Sorry I’m just worried I could get flagged or something, thats why I put a short list.)

Okay, so just generic/general words?

Yes, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:.

November 27, 2028

Body: Neutral 01
Brow: Round Medium(Black Dark)
Hair: Long Top Messy Curls(Platinum Ice)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded(Ice Blue)
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Straight Pointed
Lips: Medium Heart Vampire Fangs(Pink Peach Lt Gloss)
Shoes: Penny Loafer Ankle Socks Leather Grey Black
Top: Sweater With Button Up Shirt Wool Dark Greywarm
Bottoms: Pressed Slack Oants Cotton Grey Black
Pose: The end of flirt_coy

Body: Rose 02
Brows: Arched Natural(Black Dark)
Hair: Updo High Twist Bangs Blunt(Chestnut Brown)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned(Hazel)
Face: Heart Defined
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Round Pouty(Plum Gloss)
Bottoms: Ripped Black Denim Skirt Denim
Tops: Sleeveless Turtleneck Neutral Black,
Crew T Shirt Cotton Black
Shoes: Simple Heels Leather Black
Pose: The end of blush_shy


Something along these lines:


Just to give you so background informatiin, that doesn’t have to be included, a Hybrid is a mix of two species, in this case a vampire and a frost(person with ice powers).

A humans remains was found with several knife wounds as well as a Hybrid with a gunshot wound and a knife wound.

Feel free to add more like call the police if you find anything and so on.

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Here it is! I ended up making two versions, so I hope one of them works! :sweat_smile::grin: The sizes should be right, but let me know if you have any problems with them!

Colours: Version 1

Colours: Version 2

Great, thank you! I’ll get started right away! :grin:

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