Edits, cover and pfp needed!

Hey there <3!
I’m currently writing a story and I need, most importantly, a cover for it! If you would like to do a edit or a profile picture (for my Instagram).
If you do any of these, I will feature you in my story and full credit will be given as well as a shoutout!
It would be much appciated.
If you are interested then please reply to this or message my Instgram (@Key.epi). I will give you details of what I need as soon as you reply!
Thanks :smiley:

i’m interested !

OMG! Thank you! Are you able to message me on Instagram?

nope i Don’t have instagram

aha okay! What are you interested in doing?

an edit or /and a cover for you !

Okie dokie what do you need for them both? :slight_smile:

im not so sure about the edit but for the cover i would like to have a Screenshot of the character(s)

Okay, I’ll get them straight away!

okay !

I’m just about to send them over now

Here ya go :smiley:
Lia Ava

are you doing a large cover or a small one? Do you know the dimensions?

i can do it both of them

what is the story about ?

Ah okay do you wanna do the large cover first? Remember it has to be 966x642

It’s about a witch and a prince (and some others) saving their kingdom from the new evil queen that took over

okay and on the cover what animation they should do ?


what the name of the story?