Edits, Cover request, Splashes, and more! (Closed for now!)

HI guys! I don’t know if people will request because there are a lot of topics for edits but I know there are many of people who want edits made for there story and profile pictures for Instagram and things like that, so I thought I could help. I can make edits, splashes large and small covers, and profiles. Here’s examples of my work!!!
By the way the edit doesn’t have to be as extreme it could be simpler if you’d like.

Able to make different kinds like “follow my Instagram”, this story will be continued", “this story contains mature themes and strong language”, and if you want to make the headphones, text, and character an overlay to shift or fade onto a background I could make them overlays and help you with the coding for it if you’d like :grin:
Large cover
Also doesn’t have to be this extreme or I can make it more extreme. It depends on how you want it.
Small cover

Before you come at me I made this I did not take this picture from online. But if you want like I can make your small cover with your character(s). (Note that I could not upload this to episode because it looks like she is naked and episode doesn’t allow that. This is the alternative of that)


  • Type(s) of edit(s)
  • Character details (this includes poses, outfit, and animation). If you upload a picture make sure that it has the outfit and pose on a white background, if not just describe the character, outfit and pose for each character.
  • Story title (optional to the type of edit(s) and if you want it on your edit(s))
  • Author name (optional to the type of edit(s) or if you want it on your edit(s)).
  • Best description of the background/way you vision your edit(s) (this can include phrases like can you make it like the edit example you gave but as a cover.)
  • As well as patients. The time you get your edit(s) depend on how descriptive and extreme you want your edit(s)!

Thank you and I hope you’ll request :grin:


Hi, I really like your edits! You’re really talented! If you want, you can do this request!

Type(s) of edit(s): Special art scene (similar to the example you gave for the large cover but dimensions are 640 x 1336)
Character details:


Poses: Can you make the two characters look like they’re dancing with each other? Thanks!
Best description of the background: Dance floor with other people dancing in the background and all around them

Thank you so much! If this is too much for you or you don’t want to do it, it’s totally fine! I really do appreciate this! Let me know if you need more information! Thanks!

Ok right on it!!! Also for clarification do you want them slow dancing or regular dancing @bethanyk14

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Do you make limelight edits?

Which ever one is easier!

I do!

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@bethanyk14 your edit will be ready tomorrow!

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Hi, can you make me a edit and this story uses sound?

This story uses sound- Use this charectar…

Edit- Can you make an edit of this guy?..

For the boy’s pose make him laugh_chucke

-Take your time on these but don’t take too long!- :grin:

@bethanyk14 your edit is ready!

You can choose the one you want to use

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@SashaEpisode2 here is your first edit!

If anyone wants any changes to their edit feel free to tell me so I can fix it

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Can I get one

Sure what kind?

A cover

Large or small

Character edit @Jayla12


I sent the characters already

And can you erase the background of the second character

Ok what is the title and author name of the story and what would you like the background to be

One side is bright the other side is dark