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Hey, there! :yum: I’m Amber! Welcome! Here you can request: edits, intros, outros, outfits, splashes, character’s cards, Personal requests, Promoting Stories, Overlays!

1. Be kind to the artists & to the others on this thread :heart:
2. You have to fill the request form, if you want us to accept your request! :white_check_mark:
3. You have to write the special password: Amber :heart:, if you make ANY request here
4. You HAVE TO credit us! More about crediting us at the bottom :purple_heart:
5. We can decline your request, if it’s too complicated! :neutral_face:
Please dont request the same thing in another thread, if you have already requested here.

:heart:ARTISTS :heart:
-> @amber.writes (owner, artist) - I can do: Outfits, Intro, Outro, Splashes, Character Cards, Edits, Personal Requests, Overlays

-> @episode.fire (artist)- She can do: Outfits, Edits, Overlays, Character Cards, Promote your Story here or on Instagram

We do ONLY LL outfits :stuck_out_tongue:


Request Form

1. Character’s Age
2. Character’s Gender
3. Character’s Details (optional)
4. Outfit’s style: (casual, sport, formal, etc)
5. Another Features: (optional) (tattoos, piercings, etc.)
6. Another special information (optional):
7. Write the special password: Amber :heart:



How to request an edit?
  1. Write the secret password and write "EDIT"
    Write the special password: Amber :heart:
  2. We will answer you if we accept your request!
  3. Send us the backround
  4. Tell us what to edit
  5. Be patient

:arrow_right:Intros, Outros & Splashes
You have to request, please dont steal the examples!


Request Form
  1. Type: Intro, Outro, etc.
  2. Text, that will be on the backround:
  3. Special text: (optional)like: follow me on Instagram
  4. Other information (optional)
  5. Write the special password Amber :heart:

:arrow_right:Character Cards


Request Form
  1. Character’s details:
  2. Character’s Name:
  3. Character’s Age:
    ~I can add outfit details, too~
  4. Outfit’s details (optional)
  5. Other information (optional)
  6. Write the special password: Amber :heart:


How to request an overlay?
  1. Write the details about the overlay
    2.Wait for us to respond!
    3.Be patient!
    4.Dont forget the special password Amber :heart:

:arrow_right:Personal Requests
Here you can request everything, but if it’s too hard for us, we CAN decline it

How to?

1.Write what do you want
2.Write the details
3.Dont forget the special password: **Amber :heart:
4.Wait for us to respond

:arrow_right:Promoting Stories here or on Instagram

How to?

1.Write Promoting Story
2.Send your story
3.Dont forget the special password:
Amber :heart:

4. Wait for @episode.fire to respond
5. Decide is you want your story to be promoted here or on Instagram

:point_right:t2:About crediting us::point_left:t2:

:yay:For AMBER:
You can write "Credit to @amber.writes on Episode"
"Credit to @amber.writes on the Episode Forums"

:yay:FOR FIRE:
"Credit to @episode.firee "

:arrow_right:If you have any questions, please PM here

:tada:I hope you all enjoy our work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Amber’s Waiting List:

Fire’s Waiting List

Very soon, you can request profile pictures!
:gem:DO NOT steal the examples!:gem:


Polish_20200902_233756928 Polish_20200906_214455013



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Can I have 5 character cards?

Yeah, sure! Please fill the request forms for character cards :heart:

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I already have some old character cards but I’ve changed some details and outfits so can I just send you those and tell you what to change?

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Of course, but please dont forget the special password :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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I would like to change:
Victorias hair to: Chestnut brown and Long Curl Half Updo
Krystals outfit to:

Mars skin to: Gold 02

Hani: 21
Krystal: 22
Raina: 23
Victoria: 22
Mae: 20


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Do you want me to add outfit details?

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Yeah that’s fine and no outfit details are required

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Ok, do you want any specific poses?

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Any pose with a microphone and them singing but honestly I don’t

Sure! They will be ready soon!

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Thank you!


Hey, @nicollil

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Hey :pineapple:

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Hey, @Kyla-hook!


Your request

Hope you like them :heart:

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These look amazing! Thank you!!!

Can I request one more? It’s a male

Of course!

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