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Male athletic body - Rose 04
Dark brown - straight medium scar
Messy undercut - ash blonde
Grey cool - Deepset Downturned
Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Hooked Grecian
Medium straight natural - Rose Light Nude Gloss

His name is JJ ( Jungkook )
He is 24

Any specific pose?

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No, flirt maybe

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hiiii I’d like one character card, please
can the background be a light pic of space?

my mcs name is Shellos, 20
body: female soft body; neutral 02
brow: straight medium; chestnut brown
hair: bouffant long wavy; rose gold
eyes: round medium; blue deep
face: soft heart
nose: round broad
lips: full round flat top skin; rose gloss

she’s wearing:

flower cat ear headband metal white flower
cut out chelsea boots leather black
diamond cutout strap thin cotton black
locket and choker necklace metal gold
leg hair light
leather mini skirt with zippers red plum

password: Amber :heart: thank u so much for ur time! :heart:

if u can, can the style be minimalist? thanks

So the backround- Space
Style- Minimalistic

oh, minimalist? you know, not too much details, just the necessary? i’m really into minimalism atm

omg is minimalist not a word? sorry ashdhjdjh

Yeah, sorry, I was very tired to think :rofl:

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@shellos your request is completed! :heart:

Shellos Request


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Amber :heart: EDIT

Should I send my pictures here right now? Or wait? I don’t really understand. :innocent: :cherry_blossom:

@ellielena Of course you can send them now :upside_down_face:

The first picture is the one I want painted, and the second picture is one of the character and her features.

:slight_smile: :cherry_blossom:

I will try my best :gift_heart:

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile: :cherry_blossom: :sparkling_heart:

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Hey! So this is pretty big, but I would REALLY appreciate it if you make me like a room for reality shows? Sort of like the Love On Fire one, but maybe something a little more sophisticated.
If you can’t, that’s fine, please take your time and don’t stress :blush: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I haven’t read Love on Fire :rofl:

@Maeverie.Rivera ut, if you give me more details, I will try :heart:

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thank you so much! Basically I was imagining something like the love on fire room, but more dark dramatic colors. Oh, and I don’t mean to be a bother, but I would like it to have like the game show host stage-y thing Lol.