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@Maeverie.Rivera Could you like send me the love on fire room (reality show room), because I haven’t read it?

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sure! I don’t have it rn, could I send it in a couple minutes?

I’ll send a few more later

@Maeverie.Rivera Of course, so you want a backround? And I didnt understand you about the show host stage-y thing

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I accept your request, I will try to do it :innocent:

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sorry for being unclear, yes I want a background.
For the host stage-y thing, i meant something like this:Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 9.46.32 AM

thank you so much!

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Ok, they will be done soon!

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I’d like a splash, however idk how to use one.
With my character
Intro that says the “mature themes warning”

I Forgot the lips
Full round pouty

Hey, @dandy.writes!
Of course, I will made you a splash!
BONUS Do you want me to make you a character card?

Omg yess please! Can you also teach me how I use splashes in stories?

Sure, I will text you privately

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Hi. I want to request some edited backgrounds.
Password:Amber :heart:

I want you to turn this background in day version.


Then I will need you to make this door closed in day and night version.
That’s all.

thank u so much, it’s gorgeous!!

Ok, but there are 5 people on the waiting list, so I will need some time

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I’m glad you like it :heart:

I totally realized that the skin tone is wrong it’s Gold 06 and the lips are Neutral Medium Nude Matte🤯

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I get It. Take your time. I’m not gonna rush you :blush:

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!NEW! New Artist - @episode.fire

!NEW! Promoting story here or on Instagram;
Personal Requests;

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@Maeverie.Rivera your request is completed!

I send you the overlay in case you need it :wink:
Hope you like it!

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