Edits - Large covers, Small covers, Splashes

Hi, my name is Dani! :blush::black_heart:
I’m doing some edits on my Instagram.
If you’re interested:

More examples:

Small Cover

Hi I would love if you could do an edit for me?

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Yeah of course! Just fill out the form in my ig bio! :blush:

I don’t have ig :confused:

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Here’s the link to the request. On the “Instagram” part write the name you have on the forums.

Large and Small Cover

Hey I was wondering if you could do an edit for my story, Piece by Piece? It’s a new story I haven’t published yet and it’s in Limelight.

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Hi! I’m sorry but I just closed my edit requests :confused:
You can follow me on IG for more updates…

Okay that’s no problem but thanks anyway! You’re really talented.

Thank you!!! :relaxed:

Splash- To be continued…