Edits [LL/Classic/Ink] + Art Trade/Splash Shop


No problem I hope it’s not too hard to make :joy:


Hopefully not :joy: it doesn’t look hard


Oh okay thanks! :yellow_heart:


Submitted a form!!


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Heck yeah Christmas theme! And my pose can be like…hmmmm idk a custom pose honestly I guess a peace sign works.


Okay thank you :sparkling_heart:


No problemo


Christmas and anything you want for the pose! :heart:


Thx :heart:


No problem!


I’m only taking 3 more character details and then I’m closing this so either fill out a form or send me a screenshot of y’all character please :grinning:




Thanks :heart:

@XxZOEYxX thanks too :two_hearts:


@Sydney_H can you please close this topic?
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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley:



One edit done
Pose: Pinterest
Candy Cane is an overlay
App: Ibis paint x
Character Model: Cassandra_Dean



@XxZOEYxX + @Glades

If I missed anyone please let me know and please still read the post below and keep it in mind :arrow_double_down:

Also tag anyone who would like to try this out!