Edits [LL/Classic/Ink] + Art Trade


I will most likely let you see the outcome of it but not for requests. Absolutely do not request anything here! No pfp, character edits, covers, art scenes these are just for my practice and I need inspiration.

Just fill out this form or send me screenshots (best quality is prefer)

Thanks in advance! :heart:

~ Leslie


Those I tagged I’m sorry if I disturb y’all :heart:

Also please let me know if you submitted one

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Now that people actually sent me details I have to enforce some rules :sunglasses: but don’t worry they’re not as bad or big like my official art thread. These are simple to follow


  • Seriously people I’m SMH I have to say this but please don’t steal my work or anyone’s. I will find out if you do so :wink:
  • I can deny your edit,I don’t have to do them if I don’t want to :sunglasses:
  • I don’t mind you requesting on other threads but message me and the owner of the other so we can confirm it’s fine with them. If you don’t then I’mma add yours to the ones “I’m not doing yours” pile (no one is on it yet)
  • Please credit me if you use it! @leslie.giselle04 on Instagram and @leslie.giselle on the forums
  • Idgaf if you don’t use my edits it’s all crappy and just for my practice :joy:
  • Please don’t @ me I don’t do you

I’ll post all the ones I do up here


Welcome to the forums @Rainbows


Zoey and Justin

Some random crap I did on ibis paint x


Wanna file a complaint or give me feedback


More Examples

Leslie’s Examples!!!

Share Your Art Thread
Share your Edits, Art & Drawings
Looking for someone to draw/edit/other my cover
Share your Edits, Art & Drawings

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Thanks :heart:


Hair: Long Bangs
Nose: Button
Eyes: Deepest Piercing, purple
Eyebrows: Medium Sharp
Face: Chiseled Square
Skin: Tan
Lips: Full Tapered

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Thank you :heart:

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No problem

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I think you already tagged her but @Teahwalker


@Turtle_Cat you might want to check out this thread

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