Edits [LL/Classic/Ink] + Art Trade


Thanks and I’m almost finish with your other one :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Oh thank you :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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Thanks I need to practice on some guys so thanks for both :two_hearts:

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Thanks @Teahwalker I appreciate it :heartbeat:

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Thank you @Lunar_Rose :two_hearts:

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Thanks :purple_heart:

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No problem!

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Pm me this

Since I’m closing this

thanks in advance :heart:

@Chocolate_Mama @lanafrazer_episode @Rowan2 @liars @Turtle_Cat @sofia2 @Amealia

Can I have a theme like Christmas, Scary, Easter…etc.?

And the pose?

Please don’t say like flirt_wink
I’m trying to practice on custom poses so something like figure doing a “peace sign” is fine!

Thank y’all :purple_heart:



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And the pose?


anything u want :wink:

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Thanks :green_heart:

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Thanksgiving THE TIME OF FOOD! Whatever pose you feel is the hardest for you because it is better to do that one that way you get practice.

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Lol thanks :two_hearts:

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I’d like her to be outside while it’s snowing.
And can she wear a winter dress… I forgot the name but it can be red colour… :joy:
Pose…do u know how to do Pose where she is like holding snow in her hand? :joy::joy:

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Her hand is kinda like this.

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Thanks Sof :revolving_hearts:

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