Edits please or art scenes anyone? Requests open?

Is anyone willing to make me an a good edit or art scene without cancelling on me all of sudden? Like I need someone who won’t make me wait 2 weeks and then never respond to me and cancel out me please. This keeps happening to me. I just need a really good editor or art scene.

What type of art scrne do you need?

I could try. But I have to warn you I’m not that good with custom poses lol. What are the deets?

Like a custom one and has a couple in the picture


Can you do custom poses?

I mean I can try :stuck_out_tongue: if you won’t like it I will understand :joy:

Okay! Can I have examples of your work tho?

Currently working on this.

If you still need someone then you can check out our art shop! :slight_smile: we do art scenes :slight_smile: and are happy to help, you can see our examples on the page :smiley: :kissing_heart:
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