Eilf/point system (need help)

I am trying to use the point system for a bonus scene and for some reason this error keeps popping up… can someone explain what i’m doing wrong…

It’s essentially exactly as it says, somewhere within your coding, brackets probably aren’t aligned, have you had any luck finding the culprit? (and I say Probably because while it’s possible there’s a bug, i have not seen one within the portal, so while it’s possible it’s a bug, more than likely you simply have a missing bracket.)

I’ve tried switching everything, do you spot any mistakes with brackets?

Not in what you currently have that I see, how far up/down does the choice script go? Can you send another SS? JK, I am not too familiar with the point system, does the beginning of 973 need a bracket?

In your script I count 6 opening brackets { and only 4 closing brackets }

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Try removing line 972 and put those two brackets on the same line:


I fixed the problem! My format wasn’t correct…

problems fixed but thanks!

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