Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019

So, summers almost here. Warm weather, beach days, and of course, E3.

E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is a worldwide premier event for video games, consoles, and other related things. It’s where exciting upcoming video games get announced and advertised.

To all the gamers out there, are you excited for E3 this year? If so, what are you hoping to see announced?


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What I’m hoping to see at E3 this year:

More Sonic the Hedgehog games
Another F-Zero game
Another Punch-Out!!! game
A Metroid game
Super Mario Maker 2

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Ooh! The expo for upcoming vessels of microtransactions!

Seriously, though, despite sucking in the recent years AND making wirse and worse titles since Morrowind, I’m lowkey excited for The Elder Scrolls VI. I’ll probably be disappointed, but still…

Kinda excited to see Watch Dogs Legion. Really wanna see some gameplay for Death Stranding but since Sony isnt participating this year, that’s probably unlikely.

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