Elena's outline contest [open]


Hi guys so today I’m doing an outline contest so here ya go …
●Don’t cause drama please it’s annoying.
●Don’t remove the S in her cheek ps .
●Don’t steel the other artwork
●Don’t pretend that the art is yours please .

1 rst place
●Shout out on my instagram .
●Art of his choice
●Character in my story
●Shout out on my story
●profile pic
2 sc place
●Shout out on instagram
●a character in my story
●profile pic
3rd place
●Character in my story
●Shout out on instagram
:star2: good luck
Deadline 20 August
Judge : mah beautiful @Sofia2

Colored Outline


Here is my entry!




It’s so beautiful , I love it sooooo much
Accepted ^^


It’s sooo cute :innocent::heart_eyes:
Accepted without hesitation :blush:


Can I tag ppl who I want to join?
@Epy.raven @L.I.W.F @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @Ms.Kate @Potatoenesss @MysteryMaker @lexy19
And my fam members @Episode.Harmony


Here is my entry, lol… I was bored so decided to go a little ‘experimental’



Hey @Elena1creates can I upload this on my insta? Ofcorce I will credit ya, but can I?


Yes ya can and no need to credit me :blush: do whatever you want to with it . And btw thnx for asking it’s sooo sweet


It’s soooooo gorgeous I love it soooo much :blush:


I lovee how you did it!


@Elena1creates @sofia2 thankyou :heart:️:heart:️


Anytime ^^


Np, I hate ppl who steal people’s artwork without crediting them…:kiss::sweat::blush:


:joy::joy: you’re not stealing I gave u the permission this isn’t stealing
Plus you art is way sooooo gorgeous and I love the rainbow :joy::joy:


Thankyou :heart:




Haha. I know it’s not as great as everyone else’s, but I tried :joy::joy:
Time: 56:57


Here is my entry


It’s so cute I love it :blush::blush: