Elevator Background Needed Please!


I need elevator door overlays please!

Also, I need the interior of an elevator as well as a generic overlook of an elevator.

I hope I make sense lol

Thanks in advance!


For any of you who have read 365 Days to Find Love there is an elevator scene - if any of you know where that background came from, that would be appreciated!




Thank you and here is a screenshot of what I need. I need the actual interior of an elevator please.


Does it need to be the exact elevator?


Nah just need the interior - I used the SS for clarification :heart:


I only found this one, I’m not sure if that’s what you need.


Yes it is! Thank you!!


Hey can check out:

Through her linktree, click on Thorne’s drive (should be the first one)
This will lead you to her google drive where she provides so many backgrounds free of use, provided you give credit, of course : )
Anyway, on her google drive, once you click on terms of use, and then accept the terms of use/agreement by clicking on it, it will lead you to her backgrounds, where they are organized.
You scan through them, you will see the option “Elevators” and from there you will find many cool overlays and backgrounds on elevators :slight_smile:


Fantastic, thank you so much!