Elf human hybrids?

Modern humans , or Homo sapiens, and Neanderthals shared a common ancestor roughly half a million years ago. They then split and evolved in parallel: humans in Africa, and Neanderthals on the Eurasian continent. When humans finally ventured to Eurasia, they had sex with Neanderthals , swapping DNA around.

Neanderthals are an extinct species or subspecies of archaic humans in the genus Homo, who lived within Eurasia from circa 400,000 until 40,000 years ago. Wikipedia

Scientific name: Homo neanderthalensis

Extinction status: Extinct Encyclopedia of Life

Height: Male: 5.4 – 5.5 ft. (Adult), Female: 5 – 5.1 ft. (Adult)

Mass: Male: 170 lbs (Adult), Female: 150 lbs (Adult)

Did you know: Genetic analysis shows that Neanderthals lived in small, isolated groups that had little contact with each other.

Why couldn’t they still be alive?! I’m black, but from america. With a mixed heritage

Luckily, I feel happy that we aren’t the only humanoid species because we have Angels and God.

No, I am not happy about demons, they can go die.

Why didn’t they go extinct, instead?

I made this because a long time ago there was a post about half elves, and they said that half elves looked like this, however,they didn’t use any other races,they used white people.

and if white people are mixed with Neanderthals, that means the child is, and while still have human, I think the type of humans they were supposed to be mixed with was homo-sapiens, Africans are fully homo-sapiens and so what would happen if an African had a baby with an elf?


That’s what would happen if the half elf was half white, but what about native-american? Asian?Japanese or Chinese? Indian? African or African-American (We seem to look different, however, it’s probably because we’re mixed)

This is just from games though, they may look like humans with pointed ears or maybe they won’t have them if they were real.

My mom had pointed ears at three, she lost the ears but it still has a crease that’self-ear-like, another woman’s niece had them. (She’s not an elf) It’s possible that elves were real but not a different species,just a a type of human or race of humans, most likely were discriminated against because when I looked up original elves, they were crazy and evil.

It’s just what happens when racist people find people that don’t look like them… They tarnish their name.

This ain’t real, but it’s a nice chart.^
What if a half-elf between black human and white elf looks human? Like a Mexican? With pointed ears?

I’m a girl, not a guy like you might think (Cuz guys like this stuff) so please know that I love mythical creatures but I do not regularly think about their mixes with human races.

Elves have pale skin, even if black, they still have a ting of pale.

This is from D&D:

To humans , half - elves look like elves , and to elves , they look human . In height, they’re on par with both parents, though they’re neither as slender as elves nor as broad as humans . They range from under 5 feet to about 6 feet tall, and from 100 to 180 pounds, with men only slightly taller and heavier than women.

The Half - Elves have curiosity and ambitions like humans but they have sense for magic and love for nature like their elven parents. Their skin is paler than human skin and they are taller and bigger than elves . Half - Elves have long ears like elves . They live about 180 years.

The skin in real life,most likely, due to albinism, would only range whiter than most white people’s skin color,however, if white people are the only examples, most likely, it’s just be lighter than the human parent.

In real life, they wouldn’t live as long as D&D half-elves.

The reason they would more likely just be paler than the human parent is because humans have a wide verity of skin tones, they also have a wide verity of body types.

There may be a difference between half-elves and full humans with elves but not too much, in fact,while elves may look would have some of the same features, a half-human-half-elf would resemble humans more due to humans being more diverse. It may be only in facial structure that half-elves truly differ from humans and elves.

It depends on who mommy and daddy is and what mommy and daddy is, if fully human, found in Africa, (Africans turned out to have NO Neanderthal DNA, which means that a half-elf would look more like a African, if the mix causes them to look like a certain race fully, may even turn out to look Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, African, or white, which is cool. The structure is extremely different, I’d love to see Mexican looking elves but it will never be.)

If elves do exist, don’t be surprised if they are found to be humans.

elves look a lot like us, well, like white people.

I’ve never seen a black man look like that.

In real life, they might look like black people!

Like I said before, they may have been real and were human beings, but were killed off.

Cuz that’s life, most likely in a war.

Because I’m not legit kidding, when I looked up elves, they said they were evil. Usually, when that type of info is out about your race, it’s usually because of war or slavery.

An elf mixing with a Homo neanderthalensis would be cool, they’d probably have smaller heads, be thicker than humans, etc.

Probably look mongoloid-like (Which would be gorgeous!), but not really.

I’d love to make a video show casing urban half-elves, Chinese ones, Mexican ones, Native-American ones, I love half-elves.

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when I was babi I was elf. cos I had ears. now I lost ears in fight. cos the man ate them cos I called his wide buttered bread. I am now hooman. therefore I am hybrid. also I can spek all languages so DESPACITO and uno pasta

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