Elha's background and overlay thread


So, I’m like really bored, and I have the special ability to create backgrounds from scratch :smiling_imp:
why not use it?

Request form:

Background wallpaper (for specific rooms):
Floor texture (for specific rooms):
Any specific furniture:
Lightning: (Etc, too dark, too bright)
Exterior or Interior:
Reference picture:

Just describe what you need. Btw, please don’t ask me cut something from an official Episode background. There are millions of people that do it on their thread. I want this thread to be about creating, not editing.

I’ll add more if I need to.
NOTE: I have the right to refuse your request! I’m doing this for free! Also, you must be patient, expect a few hours maybe days, like I said, I’m creating from scratch!


Here’s a sample.


Could you possibly do me an overlay of a hand holding a pencil or pen, please?


What skin color?


Skin 2 in Classic. I kind of want it to look like it is writing on the notebook background, if that’s okay? :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s okay! I’m gonna start working on it now!


Also male or female?


Female. Thank you so much!


Is this okay?


can i get a background


Sure, fill out the form.


Yes, it should be fine. Thank you! How should I credit you?


I need a bedroom background


You don’t need to! That’s the best part!


A little more specific please?


a girl bedroom

A big bedroom

3 zones

twins bed


What color do you want the bed’s blanket to have? Also day or night or both? Any windows? End tables?


white window


bed color is blue

no blanket


Can I get an overlay


Yes but be more specific please