Elif/If Help on script

How do you know if you if your,

elif(school_1 is "Be strong)

How do you know if it works? On PC and Mobile it does the transition fade out/in and completely skips over it?

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Hey, have you checked that you have written it right?
Have you remember to let the reader gain it, so the computer will remember?

if not, this is how you can do that:

gain school_1 is "Be strong

I personally think that one is waaaay too long, chose rather to just leave one word. It doesn’t have to have an meaning. If you want you could just leave gain eat🤷🏼‍♀️.

Then remember to use these if/elif/else:

JUSTIN (talk_neutral)
Why didn’t you reply to me this morning?
YOU (talk_armcrossed)
I said hey!
} elif (no) {
YOU (talk_handoships_neautral)
I wasn’t in the mood okay.
} else {
YOU (talk_startled_neautral)
Did you talk to me?

Check this;)

You wouldn’t believe I didn’t know what the enable picker was for.