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Elite XOXO
Elite meets Gossip Girl

~ deadline is 1st of September ~

Las Encinas, Spain’s top international private school, looks like the headquarters for a multinational conglomerate—all marble and glass, green lawns, glittering lake. It’s no wonder that a school like this is home to the one percent of the one percent. You know who I’m talking about. Children of the richest of the rich. Raffish blue bloods, if you asked me—oh, and who am I? Well, Las Encinas, you’re in for a ride. After all, I’m not the only new addition to your elite club, am I?

XOXO, Gossip Girl

The roleplay is set in an idyllic small town surrounded by the mountains in Spain, a place home to an English-speaking community of expats. It centres around the lives of students at Las Encinas: an exclusive international private school, serving children of the world’s elite, which is forced to take in several working-class kids from El Instituto Enseñanza Secundaria San Esteban after an earthquake causes the roof of their school to collapse and the local council divides up the students.

However, the new students’ debut into Las Encinas will not be easy, and their arrival will not be welcomed by the upper class students of Las Encinas. To add onto this, the arrival of the San Esteban students coincides with the introduction of Gossip Girl, leading many of the upper class students of Las Encinas to believe one of the new students is behind this very real threat to ruin their reputations. Tensions arise and conflict ensues.

Advanced. Mid-paced. Long-term. Minimum posting once a week.

Additional Details:

  • There will be a chosen Gossip Girl whose identity is unknown, and all characters will have several secrets: all of which will slowly unravel throughout the course of the roleplay.

    • At the beginning of the roleplay, only myself and Gossip Girl will be aware of all characters’ secrets—and who knows, Gossip Girl might be in touch with your characters at some point in the roleplay :wink:

  • The roleplay is open to anyone, regardless of whether you were a part of the previous roleplay or not. You don’t need to have watched Gossip Girl or Elite to take part either.

    • Like the previous roleplay, sizeable paragraph(s) will be required. I will ask you to provide a writing sample in the sign-ups to determine if your character gets accepted, as the roleplay may be more slow-paced or require different post lengths than you’re used to.

  • As always, this roleplay will maintain many of the interactive elements seen in the previous GG roleplay. This includes the website, the bulletin board, and a new addition: social media profiles!

    • EDIT: Excluding the SM profiles (linked below), these will be released with the official thread—to add onto the list, there is also a roleplay calendar that I will be releasing.

  • EDIT: After looking through some roleplays labelled as semi-advanced, I have also decided to change this roleplay to advanced, as I feel this more accurately reflects the roleplaying requirements.

Thank you to…

@benitz786 for being such a huge part in the brainstorming process and all your contribution to making this roleplay even better than the last!

…as well as everyone else who messaged me expressing their excitement for the roleplay and checking up to see how it’s been progressing—I really appreciate it! :blob_hearts:

Rules for Character Creation
  • You may create a maximum of 2 characters, which must be…

    • one boy and one girl

    • one lower-class and one elite.

  • All characters must have a minimum of 3 secrets, consisting of…

    • at least one personal secret (involving your character only)

    • at least one shared secret with another character

      • You must not reveal your characters’ secrets to anyone (unless you’re planning with another person—in which case that’s fine, but please do so in PMs!).

  • Only after your character has been accepted, you may…

    • start planning secrets involving other characters in PMs

      • Once your character has been chosen, I will send you a full list of their secrets, for your personal reference, and you can then PM me your character’s shared secrets for me to update onto the list.

    • start planning past and current relationships

      • No future relationships may be planned until we get further into the roleplay

      • Las Encinas students are probably more likely to know other Las Encinas students than the San Esteban students are (and vice-versa).

    • fill out your character’s “Instagram profile”

      • The profiles are something you might want to keep in mind when choosing your characters’ faceclaim—however, do not worry about this too much, as I will be helping find faceclaim names where necessary!

  • Keep in mind that, although this roleplay is set in Spain, your characters do not have to be Spanish—there are no limitations as to what nationality your characters can be. thmystrms1

    • If roleplaying a character with a different culture to your own, please be prepared to do your research (Cultural Atlas is a good resource to use).

  • If your character is accepted, I will notify you and your character will be placed on the FCs.

    • If you don’t hear back from me, you can assume your submission has not been accepted.

  • Any questions, let me know!

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It’s basically like The Elites rp
But it doesn’t exist anymore so it’s okay


Gah, so excited! Gonna read it right now!


reserve female elite and male lower

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Just read it all, and I can’t help but clap! I’m so excited! Thank you so much for recreating this, as you know, I really wanted to join. I’ll reserve for a female elite and a lower male, if I can, please. I’ll probably have some trouble finding the FC for the male, so I’ll ask for help there. Let me just get the writing samples and I’ll post them! So. Excited!


Ahhh thank you, I’m excited to start this roleplay again as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Let me know if there’s anything specific you have in mind for your character (hair colour, etc.) and I’ll do my best to help find something!


Reserve my child.


One boy one girl obviously… I hope it was obvious… Sorry haha


It is now that you clarified, haha :+1:


Here are my writing samples:

A scene I wrote for my book - A couple months ago:

She pushed the full gas. Running by, trees, people and buildings seemed like smudges, just like her mind. She did it. She did it again. Again. A scream filled the car, and her fist hit the front. Eyes half closed, red, wrinkles all around them. Her shirt was wet already, and her hands didn’t seem to be able to hold the steering wheel properly, her fingers were weak, shivering from the pain. The car frame was hit again, now harder. And harder, and harder. Her mouth corners couldn’t be brought lower without falling off her face. Everything was just plain spots around her. The car stopped quickly and just hung there, in the middle of the road. Screams that no one could could hear made the pain a little better. No one seemed to care. No one seemed to be there. No one seemed to hear her. She was on her own, once again.

My first proposal scene (writing exercise) - A few months ago:

Wind blew her hair around, making the scene more lively. They were sitting still, cutlery in their hands, food in front of them. But nothing, not even best steak in the world, was worth breaking the moment. His eyes were deep, like an abyss she once almost fell into. Except this time she did, and there was no ladder.
But a voice broke the moment, one that definitely wasn’t welcomed. “Excuse me, mister, miss. You’ll have to eat now, we have reservations.” Andrew sighed, looking down. “Well, guess we should eat?” he shrugged, his mouth a swift line.
“We should,” Ella sighed back and put her hands on the cutlery. She cut the steak apart, nicely and smoothly. The piece almost melted in her mouth as she was focused on Andrew. There was something different about him… His smile was even wider, and his eyes even brighter. Sure it was their anniversary, but he was never so radiating before.
“This… This is amazing,” she said quietly, struggling to hold back a grin. The torches around them created a cosy light, reflecting from everywhere. It seemed to reflect their minds, too.
“That makes me glad.”
Andrew’s hand was full of shivers, but warm as never before as it clutched hers. They didn’t care about the stupid waiter anymore, not about the snob or an owner. This moment was them. This was them, sitting on a rooftop, staring into each other and not caring one bit about anything else.
“Ella, I love you so much.”
His voice was shaky, and it flew through her mind like never before. It wasn’t playful, it wasn’t a joke. It was a genuine I love you . From Andrew. She squeezed his hand, his soft yet dry hand. But it was always soft for her, no matter what, where or why they were. He was always soft for her.
They just sat there, looking at each other’s infinity. They weren’t vulnerable, they were far from that. They were fighters, they were warriors. And together they were more. They weren’t like fairylights behind them, they were torched all around them. As warm, as strong as a fire, they were bright and they were unstoppable together. They were going to burn until they burn down together.
And he knew that. When her napkin fell on the floor, he reached to it, not because he should but because he wanted to. Before she could bend down, he was there, kneeling. Kneeling still, breathing hard. Something was on his mind, she could just feel it.
But then he raised up, and on his face wasn’t a frown she expected. It was a smile, brighter than any fire would be able to produce. But it was reflecting something. It was sat in his hands, a velvet red small box. Opened box. And far from empty.
There, in the small, humble box, sat a ring. So petite yet so big. Just wide enough for her ring finger. And it fit perfectly, nothing felt more natural than that.
Their bodies collided in a tight hug, spreading warmth everywhere. Claps echoed all around them but they didn’t even care. What was important was this, them.

Some character examples:
Vasumati "Hailee" Nealon - A demigos - Some time in May

The first thing Vasumati remembers is her father painting her mother. But the quirky man wasn’t drawing a normal human being - she was big, great, and just somewhat magical. Vas’ crib was inspired by it - the colours, the patterns. It stick with her for a very long time. She always wanted to know her mother. Jason Nealon, who everyone called Lon, kept telling her that she was majestic. He named her Justice. And when some kids would be mad that their mother left them, Vasumati held on to the nice thought. She was never sent to kindergarten, as Lon was a freelance painter and was always at home. She loved the funny man and looked up to him. He was creative, quirky and smart. Colours all around the house, there wasn’t any mess Vasumati could cause much. When she started her first year in primary school, she used the name Hailee - that way no one laughed at her. At home Vas and at school Hailee, she was a little angel. But when real things started, competition began to appear, that didn’t last for long. She started understanding things - predicting them. She knew Dylan will embarrass Eleanor. And then it started. Arguments, fights privileges. People started to grow fear of Hailee. And in high school, no one dared to approach her. She didn’t have friends - the people who hung out with her only did it because they felt they needed to, after she saved them from the bullies. But once it got too far. The verbal abuse got worse and worse, and Hailee had enough. A punch in the face wasn’t enough. A blonde was sent to the hospital, and Hailee was expelled. Not one bruise she got hurt as much as her father’s yelling. So she packed food, clothes and some money, and went into the open world. But the fights she got into before, were nothing compared to what she felt with after.

Hailee is a closed person with low self esteem. She doesn’t expect any friends, but will fight injustice to help anyone. She’s all about revenge and will do anything to get her - or anyone else’s - right. She doesn’t talk much, but when she does, it’s loud and clear. People tend to be afraid of her, because she can easily predict their next move. She always thought it was because of her great face reading, so she liked to say she’s gifted. Hailee pretends she’s cold and doesn’t need anyone, because she likes when people think of her as strong. While in reality, she really wants a friends and is emotionally weaker and weaker everyday. But she knows she got herself into it, it was her fault everyone was afraid of her. Emotions are something foreign for Hailee - she never really understood them. When she wants to cry, she holds it back, same as with everything. She rarely trusts anyone, but once she trusts someone, she’ll be loyal to them forever and won’t even think about turning her back. She despises traitors and doesn’t have any concession for them.

Eira Bellacqua - Possesses cryokinesis - Some time in July

Eira was born into a wealthy family. They valued power and talent and pushed it out of her since her very early years. At the very start of her life, Eira’s soul broke and her goals, aspirations and thoughts were so different from a normal Terathian child. A soul of a power obsessed warden was nested in the body of a cold blonde and her parents didn’t seem to care. They just wanted her to be the best, to top everyone in everything, and that’s what she wanted, too. At a very early age, Eira discovered her cryokinesis and it only built up. At first she couldn’t control it and hurt many people, animals and plants. But with endless hours of training, suffering, hurting, she learnt to control it and wasn’t scared of using it. She completely isolated herself to improve her abilities and her parents encouraged it, they even bought her a whole basement so she could train. She spent hours, days, eventually weeks there and lost the little friends she had, but it never got to her. Forgotten, it was even easier to focus on her talent. In a few years the basement was filled with cabinets, dressers, a sink, toilet, cook, and a bed. A fridge she didn’t need when she had her hands. All that connected the Bellacquas now was the property.
Elena and Raphael remembered they had a daughter years too late and she was stronger than them. Although it was what they wanted, and the reason they decided to have a child, it upset them. They confronted the human they could barely call a daughter with no plan of what to do. All they knew was that it was too much and they needed to do something. But the moment they stepped through the doorway, they knew their chances were close to zero. Before they started reconsidering, Eira was in front of them. Her skin was whiter than usual, her skin cooler and her eyes colder. The moment they started the attack, even though it was the same, the girl knew it. The blood in their veins froze, degree by degree, moment by moment. They just had enough force to give up and they got away with it. They never dared to approach Eira again.
As soon as ‘the ice girl’ reached her eighteenth year, she joined the Institute of Terathia. She signed up for as many subjects as she could, including necromancy. She was one of the most determined students for four years and made some friends, some enemies, but mostly allies. With her constant success her enemies and rivals grew stronger and more jealous but Eira wouldn’t let it get to her. But a tragic event happened in Eira’s fourth year of studying - most of her, well, bullies, died in an attack. Eira really seemed like she was sorry, acting colder than ever. Everybody thought she changed, while in reality, she was the cause of their deaths.

Eira is a messed up person who only cares about power. She spends all her free time on improvement, even if it means hurting herself. Being a very antisocial person she has only a couple friends, who she doesn’t really care about and they only count her as friend, she doesn’t. But she has no idea whether they do or not. The only time she hangs out with other people is when she has to or she gets some benefit from it. Eira is cold, closed and distant, but she won’t avoid conversations. There’s no challenge she wouldn’t accept, but she might not finish it, making sure something got in the way. Her character needs to look though and bold no matter the circumstances. No one knows about her cover, but unlike the cliché stories, neither does she. Her alternative character was built for so long that the real one disappeared somewhere deep inside her and she would never want it to be dug out.
Eira might not seem very human, but she definitely is. Although she hides it, she has a lot of fears and weaknesses that only her parents could know about, not even them. She is a very organised and thought-through person, everything she does is planned. She often thinks through possible outcomes of situations before they even happen. She can be very paranoid and skeptical but she tries to hide it. But she is aware of her power which makes little details unimportant to her, and little details might even be people. Eira is a very prejudicial person and once she makes her choice, it’s hard to change it. It’s hard making a conversation with her as she often zones out or just doesn’t feel like talking. Her competitive side is one of her biggest weaknesses, when it takes over her, it can cause anger bursts that she tried to keep as rare as possible. If anyone gets on her bad side, they will stay there forever and most probably never get away with it.

Remvisyne Henley - Bio only - 1x1 RP - Some time in July

Remvisyne grew up as the youngest kid in a big family. She was always the baby who needed extra attention, always crying and being hungry. Only her oldest sister cares for her, while everyone else was busy being jealous. In her early childhood, Remy built an amazing relationship with Genevieve and her parents, as well as a reserved personality. She never had much friends at school, mostly keeping quiet. At home, her sister taught her diverse skills such as cooking and knitting. When Remy was left home alone, she took advantage of that to cure her lonely boredom. She always had a calm hand, easy for her to succeed at all of that. When she was five, she was home alone with two of her siblings who didn’t act as responsible as they should have. They managed to set the house on fire, and while they ran out, leaving Remy alone. Until the neighbours came, she was stuck in the house, sourrounded by flames. One of her brothers chose to play the piano and without work, Remy loved to watch him. He was never welcome to that but didn’t bother to get her away. Eventually, she learnt to play the piano herself and outdid her brother, which caused rivalry. Her parents were very proud and everything they put into piano lessons of her brother was invested in her. Vi’s home time was now ruled by slow piano melodies, but it wasn’t enough. She also picked the singing talent and found great fun in it. In high school, she made friendships outside the family, but it never genuine. The company loved her and her stories but she never felt welcome. Soon, auditions for school balls took place and her parents mentioned her talent to school event organisers, in one day became the regular ball perfomer. After the first event, she met Muse D who she got along very well with. They were friends ever since. All of Vi’s siblings got married early, and she became an aunt of many by the age 16. She felt more excluded than before and although they tried to hide it, she could see her parents were getting impatient. By time, they started hinting towards the fact she should get into a relationship a while ago. It made Remy feel bad and insecure and she decided to get in a relationship - fake. Muse D was now her boyfriend, all romance excluded. When she told her parents about it, they couldn’t be happier. But they did nothing to hide their previous disappointment. Remy went with weeks of pretending, but soon it overwhelmed her. She ‘broke up’ with Muse D and although her parents weren’t happy with it, they kept it inside. She kept the friendship with Muse D and it never seemed awkward to her.

Emory Fairchild - 1x1 RP - Yesterday night/This morning

Emory’s birth was quite unfortunate - his birth place, that is. His family was on a road trip around Europe. They just returned from Gardaland, wet coats from the water rides. They were in the middle of nowhere and that’s when his mother’s water broke. Everyone started panicking, unsure of what to do. His father stopped the car in the middle of the road. Gladly, Sofia Fairchild was obsessed with soap operas in which moments like that had a fair chance of happening. The family managed to set the environment, but had no idea how to get the baby out. But apparently it was their lucky day, as a doctor just drove by. He helped with the birth of the premature baby and everything turned out well. Emory and Sofia had to be taken to the hospital, but both were healthy and happy. As soon as possible, Emory was taken home where a Meet and Greet party for relatives was organised.
Emory was always taken great care of. Even as a toddler, he had bigger room than his three years older brother. There were toys, colours and posters everywhere, while most his brother had was wardrobes and schoolbooks. It was pretty obvious Kyan was jealous, but careless Emory didn’t notice it. All he cared about was toys, Teletubbies and carrots. It didn’t even come to his mind that not everyone had it. He loved spending time with his parents, playing and eating.
Immediately when he came to school, he was the most popular. He never knew why, but he didn’t even care. All that mattered was, that he was. He had privileges and respect, which made him even more satisfied than before. Everyone was his friend or they tried to be. His grades were perfect as he always had lawyers to fight for him and he never needed to worry about having enemies. All the parents loved him and he was always welcome at everyone’s home, whether they were rich or poor, in a house or apartment. Emory was pretty much opened to everything, he hung out with everyone and joined every possible activity.
Emory got into one of the best high schools in the country. Although no one could guess it, he was pretty intelligent. Because of his charisma, he quickly fit in, but it wasn’t as easy as it used to be. Teenagers can be far more jealous than children and they were. Emory’s obliviousness made it even worse, he had no idea what people truly thought about him. While he had many good friends, there were a few worse enemies. Those never appreciated his social abilities, respect and popularity. It was all a flaw to them. They plotted against him for years, but never seemed to be careful enough - sooner or later, it all came to Emory’s ears. He always looked at the bright side of it - it never came to his mind to try and stop their plans. He continued to live in devided society not worrying one bit about the side opposing him. Leaving high school with unsolved problems seemed like Emory’s only choice.
Sofia and Brian enrolled Emory into the best engineering college as a prize for his amazing grades. They never asked him about it, but Emory was completely fine with it and put in the same effort as he would if it was his choice. Although he didn’t really care about school, he tried for the sake of his parents. Emory’s constant success got to Kyan, who moved out immediately. The whole family always blamed him, no one was on his side. While his actions affected Emory somehow, he focused on school and stayed away from the mess Kyan caused. He got many friends in college, they were loyal, funny, and adventurous - just what Emory wanted. He spent all his time with them. While many girls wanted him as a boyfriend, he never seeker a relationship. He never even thought about it. Relationships were like an unimportant variable to him. Emory graduated with perfect score, not really caring about it. Together with his friends, he got hired as a substitute teacher. He rarely worked, spending most of his time partying, his knowledge thrown away. Most of his profit came from his parents instead of his work. Some day, he met a group of three adventurous and ambitious people his age. Ready for something bigger, he joined their group and finally used his knowledge in engineering.

Emory is a happy-go-lucky man with questionable love for carrots. He’s pretty irresponsible, making his stay at the ship odd. All he wants in life is fun and friends, and a little adrenaline. He always seeks adventure, new experiences. He sees the meaning of life as an opportunity to do as much as you can, maybe get hurt in the way, and when you do it all, it’s the time for you to die. Emory is an extrovert with high charisma due to his life experience. He’s quite a bragger, modifying his stories just a bit from the truth. As far as others know, he was born in Gardaland after a ride and had a fair chance of dying - he just loves making himself look cool. It’s not a lie if no one knows it, right? He can act impulsive, but after years on the ship, he learnt to think more. His guide is still the heart, using his head rarely. Although he has great knowledge and skill for engineering, he hides it and rather shows off his social and fun side. He’s more of a follower, undetermined and turbulent. Following his gut and instinct often gets him into trouble, so he learnt not to listen to it. Or at least that’s what he believes, and his belief is quite false. Emory is a pretty prejudicial person, he judges people at first sight and it’s hard to change his opinion. He’s very stubborn about his preferences; if he likes purple, he will like it, even if it hurts ten people. His conversations are long and full of random subjects, unable to stop. He wants to talk everywhere and everytime, there’s never a wrong time for him.

Two post examples - July

Even when it stopped snowing, chill was in the air. From everything. The people, the deaths… Everything was ice cold. She could feel chill breaths behind her neck, and it hurt even more. She heard sobs, and it hurt even more. Everyone knew the people in front of her. They loved them, they were their friends. And Hailee had no idea who they were. She didn’t deserve to be here, she didn’t deserve any of the respect this might cost. She couldn’t say anything, even when there was so much to tell. Her hands shook, even in fists, even when she crossed them. She didn’t want to do this. She didn’t want the attention. She didn’t want this…

A sob escaped her mouth when all the people gave heartfelt speeches, full of honesty and love. She would never be able to do this. Her flowers wouldn’t feel the same. Before she could sob again, she shut her mouth with her trembling hand. This was terrifying. She just wanted to go away…

The man returned from the body. It was time for Hailee to go. But she couldn’t, she couldn’t

No. She needed to. No matter her wet cheeks and weak voice and shallow breaths. Her hands shook, almost dropping the flowers, as she made her way forward. Her steps were so much slower than everyone else’s… They noticed, they must’ ve noticed. Another sob escaped her, and more and more started coming. Everyone was looking her now. Gods, why did she have to pick this dress, she looked awful.

She looked at Rain’s pale face. Her hair was perfect and her skin so smooth. Hailee’s mouth opened, breathless. She took a deep breath, holding the tears back.

“I… I never knew Rain…” her voice trembled. “But she deserves a speech. She doesn’t deserve ignorance.” She took a deep breath. “She was brave and bold, worth admiration. She didn’t deserve to lie here breathless, she deserved to stand high. And I hope she saw that.”

A pink rose from Hailee was carefully put on Rain, with so much significance. Before she could start tearing up again, she made her way towards the guy and the girl she stood by previously. She buried her face in her hands. Rain deserved respect, but not from her. Hailee didn’t know her well enough for that…


Eira didn’t want to come to the ball at first. But she realised a lot of people were going to be there, so she chose to come as an observer. People were very confusing with their social norms. Partying without a reason, celebrating getting old. It was all a waste of time.

She put on a white gown with maya blue rhinestones at the bottom of it, creating a pattern. Just like her. The mask she wore hid most of her face, and it fit perfectly with the gown. It had some long feathers at the side that itched her, but she felt powerful in it so she ignored it. Her hair was put up in a side bun updo, the wedding style. All dressed up, Eira made her way to the ball.

She was drinking her third glass of cola, just looking around. People were amusing. She could spend this time for something useful, like training, but this could also be helpful. At some point. It was good understanding human behaviour, but she never really cared about people. There were just objects in her way.

Her eyes were focused on the crowd, when someone asked her to hand the bottle. She examined the person first, then handed the bottle which got much colder in three seconds.

These are both from less advanced RP to this, so my posts here will be better than these two.

PS: You’re one of my forum idols, just thought you should know that. It would be such an honour participating in this!

I don’t have anything in mind just yet, but when I do, I’ll share!

Scar! I’m even more excited now! Two idols at once!


Oh my, my! It sounds amazing!
I’ll definitely try (if my sample and characters are going to be accepted) to take part in this Roleplay!

I’m going to reserve for female and male.
Shall I send my writing prompt now?


You’re writing a book :scream:

this is beautiful omg :sob::heart_eyes:

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I am, hehe. It’s such a long and hard process, though.

Thank you so much!

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I’ll use it as an inspiration I was trying to prepare a proposal scene myself :upside_down_face:

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Goodness, that makes me so happy! I’d love to see it!

You will don’t worry :wink:

spioler spoiler it’s for the ayto rp reunion episode

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I would love to reserve one female.

I read everything and this is one of the coolest rp’s I have ever seen. I hope I get picked to be in this rp.


this is from an rp I started yesterday. It’s not an advanced RP so it’s different from how I’ll be posting here if I get accepted.



Bianca had just finished having her breakfast. She took her school bag got into her dads 1989 Honda Accord SEi Coupe. She looked for the most comfortable position to seat as she prepared for the 1 hour drive.

1 hour later
Bianca got to school and got out of the car. She walked into the reception noticing she was the first one there. She looked out through the door and waved goodbye to her driver.

'Wow, this place is huge. I hope I make friends but not too many, she thought to herself. I have to make my parents proud no matter what and take all the gold from this place, she said thinking to herself with wide grin.

She walked out of the reception and sat on a bench. She took out a plate of fruit and ate it. When she was done she trashed the plate. (it was a takeaway plate) She took out a book and started reading it.

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That’s a perfect length, thanks for sending—I only needed the roleplay post samples, but I love the pieces you sent in! Good luck on your book by the way, it sounds intriguing. I wish I had the motivation to go through the whole process of writing one haha.


You can submit your writing sample on the sign-ups form (here works too though), I should have probably wrote that on the original post oops oh well.