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Welcome to my overlay shop :blob_hearts:
This shop is only for drawn overlays, if you want anything else edited check out my other shop: :yay: Galaxy Edits Shop :yay: (Free!)

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1. No Threadhopping!

This is rude and disrespectful and your request will automatically be declined if you do this

2. Fill out the forms

You must fill out the forms when requesting and if you do not fill them, you will be asked to do so. To fill out the form fully, you need the password, and here it is: :sparkles: Aesthetic :sparkles:

3. Don't create drama

Just don’t do it :japanese_goblin: :japanese_goblin: If you have a problem w/ me or my artwork, just PM ME.

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I don't have many- I can make more if needed :)

Screenshot 2022-01-02 at 10.49.05

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{unlimited spots}

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(Feel free to quote this)

  1. What do you want?
  2. Shadows or no?
  3. Outline or no?
  4. Extra Info
  5. Perspective
  6. Will you give credit?
Example of what you might write
  1. What do you want? - Pepperoni Pizza slice
  2. Shadows or no?- Yes
  3. Outline or no?- Yes
  4. Extra Info
  5. Perspective- Birdseye/top view
  6. Will you give credit?- yes
You'd get this (:

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Credit me as my forum name, @Cinnamon_Ella
If you say you won’t give credit, I will put my (tiny) signature on it

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Please don’t rush me, I am a new artist :pleading_face:
The chibbi from my banners was made on Picrew

Please don’t let this flop :v:
Happy requesting :grimacing: :yay:



Tags :)

@Sarah07 @bailey5

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Hey I’d like to make a request :cowboy_hat_face:

(Your shop looks awesome! :blob_hearts:)

  • What do you want? : Episkittles
  • Shadows or no? : No thank you
  • Outline or no? : Yes
  • Extra Info
Extra details

I would like if there was a little rainbow on it if you could :pleading_face:

  • Perspective : Sideview


  • Will you give credit?- Of course!

Thank you for doing this! Let me know if you need any more details or if you can’t make it :yay:


Your examples are great luv! Good luck and bump! :blob_hearts:


Can you make some chibbis for me…:pleading_face:

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Picrew is a website where you can customise yourself as a chibbi- I can’t draw that well :upside_down_face:

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Your examples are amazing! All the best! :heart:


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Can you send a reference pic of what you mean by side view? (Just so I don’t get confused there are lots of sides lol)

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Like that :arrow_up:

Sorry if I wasn’t direct with my request :grimacing::pleading_face:



You where :rofl: I was just getting confused by nothing

One last thing- hopefully
Do you want a packet or a box (the difference being the wiggly edges)

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Box please!


Hey! I would like to request one!

  1. What do you want? - A camera footage or CCTV footage icon
  2. Shadows - Yes
  3. Outline - Yes
    Extra Info
  4. Perspective- front view
  5. Will you give credit?- Yes
  6. Deadline- 3 february
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