Elle’s art shop, need a cover? I got you covered! Closed for now!

Hey want a cover? Want an art scene? Would love to have something to draw. If your request is interesting enough I’ll draw you one for free! Need the practice.
This is a piece I’ve done before for reference.

The thread is open! BUT there is a waitlist just so you know!
People in line?? I think: 8
Please! Max 2 people per drawing, it takes forever otherwise
I ONLY draw! I don’t do edits :slight_smile:


nice picture

Wow! Your art is amazing! I think you should start charging for them possibly?


Ah thank you! Yeah I’ll probably do that later but right now I just want the practice to get better! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I’d like to request a splash!

Number of Characters


Character 1


Character 2

Sketch Reference

Please ignore all the other stick figures… Those are background characters which will be added in later :+1:

Pose Description

Character 1 will be club dancing If ya catch my drift :wink:while Character 2 is rear kinda eying her if that makes sense?

Also, Character 1 should be full body and Character 2 should be around waist up :ok_hand:


I would be so grateful if you could send it in a png, just so I can add it onto any background that suits the mood later. Thank you!


Character 1’s Outfit

Character 2’s Outfit

If you need anymore details, don’t hesitate to ask me! I really appreciate this, you don’t even know :sob::sob:

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Sure I’ll try it out! It’s fine that it’s drawn right? Because I don’t do edits! :sweat_smile:

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Ofc! I was actually expecting it to be drawn anyways so that’s perfect! Thanks once again!

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Perfect! I’ll try my best! :slight_smile:

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I’m sure it’ll be amazing :smile:

The “jealous boy” is the boy who you posted a pic of right? Or is he dancing as well?

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He’s going to be rear but he’s the character I posted the pic of :+1: the two largest characters in the sketch are the two main characters in the splash :grin:

Okay perfect! Just wanted to clear that out :slight_smile:

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Hii, I really wanted to ask if you could do an art scene for me and a cover? If it’s not possible just one of them please? :confused:

Is this still open? If it is, I’d like to request something. Your art is beautiful by the way. You’re very talented! :heart:

I’d love to request a intro cover of my Limelight-version mystery story. It’s a simple “fight” posed photo of a serial killer (gripping a knife) and the protagonist/detective (holding a gun). I can give more details if you’re available, your art is amazing!!

Absolutely, you’re second in line and I can help you when I’m finished with the piece I’m doing right now! Just write what you want here and I’ll get back to you!

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Yes this is open! Just write what you want and I’ll help you as soon as I’m done with the others!

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Please post the details and I’ll help you out once I’m done with the ones before yours! :smiley:

But are you only gonna do one or both? :confused: