Elle's episode shop!

Hi, I’m Elle, and I’m an author, but I also want to help you guys. So I’m going to make threads so I can help you guys, like for my art scene/cover shop, or me and my partner’s outfit shop, etc… And I’m gonna link them all here!!! THEY ARE ALL FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! YAY!

Love you all!!!

Art scene/cover shop link

Hi, It's Elle and I do story covers and art scenes FOR FREE!

Outfit shop link

HI! I'll be helping people with outfits now yay!

(If I make more I’ll link them here!!!)

Can you pls tell me if this is helpful or not?

Is this at all helpful?
  • Yes I love your work
  • Yes thx so muchhhhhhhhhh
  • Yes it is helpful
  • I guess it is? Maybe?
  • Not really
  • No it’s not helpful
  • Shut up your annoying
  • Leave me alone

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tysm those of you who voted your replies r very helpful!!!

love u all

When are you making your shop?

If you follow those links the shops should be there

Hey! :blob_hearts: I really love your art! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Can I request an art scene ?


Hi y’all i am so sry im gonna need to close my shops if it’s one of the shops that im working with ppl on you can request their work but I will no longer be doing any of my own im so sry I just don’t have the time anymore, hope you can forgive me!