Elle's Free Edit Shop [OPEN]

Hello everyone! Welcome to my INK edit shop. I’m not that great at them and I’m just starting out, but if you just want a profile picture or something, I can do it!

1.) Please be patient! These can take up to a week to finish depending on my schedule or how many requests I have.
2.) I will not accept your request if you are rude. Just be polite.
3.) If you want a more complex pose/design that is not incorporated in Episode, it would help me practice! So you can request some if you don’t mind it looking a little off.
4.) You MUST give credit to me.
5.) No thread-hopping! If you request one thing to multiple people, I will notify the other(s) and not complete your request.

Waiting List:
1.) @Canadian

2.) @kyupkake

3.) @XxNyarahxX



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Hey! Can you do LL edits? It’s fine if you can’t.

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Sorry! I love Limelight but I don’t think I’ll do that well. I could try it though.

Ok. That’s fine.
I made this a little while ago for my story, Excalibur. I liked it at the time, but the characters have changed, and it’s been removed from my profile for a revamp. If it makes it easier, you can use it as a sort of template.

The only big change is the character on the right has facial hair (Square Long Jaw Stubble). His skin tone is a bit darker also (Neutral 05). Other than that, it’s exactly the same.

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Okay! Would you mind sending the rest of the character details?

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Of course. Sorry.
Character 1 (on the left):

  • Gold 07
  • Male Generic, blackJet
  • Short Shaggy, Purple Lilac
  • Male Deep Sunken, Green Emerald
  • Square Long Jaw Shadow
  • Round Wide
  • Full Heart Natural, Brown Gold


Character 2:

  • Neutral 05
  • Round Meduim, blackJet
  • Curly Mohawk, Black Dark
  • Male Generic, Grey Cool
  • Square Long Jaw Stubble
  • Male Generic
  • Medium Straight Natural, Tan Deep Neutral



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All right, thank you! I’ll get started on it tomorrow.

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Thank you so much.

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Hello! I am so so sorry that it is taking so long to get your request done! I was not expecting to be this busy, so I’ve barely gotten any time to do it especially since I haven’t practiced doing Limelight edits yet. If you would like to request to someone else, I understand and would be fine with it!
Again, I am very sorry!

I can wait. The story has been put on hold while I work on some other projects. However, if this is just adding more stress, I can ask someone else. Up to you.

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Hey could you edit these 2 please?

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Okay! I’ll finish it as soon as I can!

Of course! In that pose and in those outfits? Also, would you like the entire body or just for me to cut off somewhere?

yes that pose & yes those outfits and I want it cut off where their legs are and thanks again :grinning:

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Okay! I’ll get started on it right away!

Oh my goodness, I didn’t even realize it’s nearly been a month since I took on your request! I am so sorry about that part. Like I said, I’ve been busy nearly every day of the week now. I’m almost done with your request. I forgot to ask earlier, but would you like a specific background?

oh no i’d like it png if you could do it like that :grin:

Okay! I can try that

great thanks :slight_smile: