Elodie's Reviews: Honest and Constructive Feedback <3 [CLOSED]

Here you go!

First impressions

  • The name Estefania is beautiful! I have a friend with this name :slight_smile:

  • Hm. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with your cover or description but I definitely think you could spice it up a bit. I like the idea of your story, but the cover and description fall flat in my opinion.

Episode 1

  • I appreciate the English subtitles, as I do not speak Spanish!

  • Your characters are to large in the scene outside of the school. They look as though they are taller than the building.

  • I like that you inserted some background characters and sound in this scene to make it more dynamic!

  • One thing it looks like you take the time to do is give your characters idle animations after they finish talking, this is something that so many authors neglect to do!

  • I think you could add some zooms to change up the early dialogue scenes and make it more dynamic.

  • Again, at lunch, your characters look too large for the background.

  • You do a good job at spotting and layering your characters, nicely done!

  • Great attention to grammar and spelling. There weren’t any glaring errors that I noticed.

Episode 2

  • Ooh, you broke the fourth wall there. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not.

  • In the scene where Beverly and Estefania are at the cake shop, I think this scene would benefit from background characters, a table overlay or at least a coffee/cake prop.

  • When they aren’t talking, you could give your characters other animations other than what appears to just be ‘idle’ or idle_happy_loop,’ it would just make them look less robotic at times.

  • Again, I’m noticing in quite a few scenes the characters are too large for the backgrounds. You also consistently place your characters quite far apart and in the same spots. I would suggest changing it up!

  • There’s a good amount of choices in your episodes!

  • Maybe you could add a dressing game at this point?

Good job! Your directing is clean, the storyline is unlike others that I’ve seen before and your episodes are a good length!