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Hi welcome to my art shop. I only do Ink style. I don’t do drawings sorry…but I make covers, backgrounds, splashes, and character detail banners. And yes they are free. Of course I can’t have everything done in like 20 minutes but I’ll try to get to it asap. Make sure to add a deadline! See you where your details lie…or not. <3

Examples for Covers

Examples for Splashes

Examples for Backgrounds

(Last four are edited to look snowy)

PhotoFunia-1549982875 PhotoFunia-1549982926

Examples of Character Detail Banners

(Alyssa one made for @Alyssa_Epi, Matthew one made for @CrazySemtex)

For a cover make sure to include:
Character details (including outfit), title, genre, specific details, and a background, and if need your episode name.

For a splash make sure to include:
Character details (if needed), what kind of background, and other needed information.

For a background make sure to include:
What type of background you need and other needed information.

For a character detail banner make sure to include:
Character details, a background or idea of a background, a specific pose, outfit, and name.


Can you make aa character banner for this character?
Character details

Brow=thick arch
Hair=Generic short hair(black)
Eye=Classic round (blue)
Face=square jaw
Mouth=classic (taupe)

Basic jeans (black)
Basic sneakers (black)
Tank top (cream)
Weathered leather jacket

Here you go. :grin:

Character Banner



Is it ok if you make me a cover to?


Dawns out fit

Special Bonds: Impossible
Specific details
They must look sad as they can’t be together its illegal hence the Impossible bit in the title

Sure I’ll start working on it. :slight_smile:

If you want that background, I’ll use it but you can find background that might go more with the story on

Hi can you please make me a cover for my story The elf hybrid it’s a fantasy story I would like two characters in the cover the female mc and male Female MC- hair straight white, eyes purple upturned feline, mouth classic cherry red, face oval, eyebrows seductive arch, skin tone tan, nose pointed, outfit hot pink beach day tied cutoff shirt black shorts onesie bottom black beach day skater shoes and moon necklace Male MC- hair black short cropped, eyes green deepset piercing, mouth smirk taupe, face defined triangle, eyebrows thin arch, skin tone honey, nose refined, outfit open simple hoodie black Vneck T-shirt black gray faded jeans and skater guy black sneakers I would like the background to be zone two of ext. Georgia marshy landscape - day the female MC on the left her emotion flirt_wink_foward and the male MC on the right and his emotion laugh_guffaw I don’t want my episode name but can you put my instagram in the top left corner it’s love_4_writing.episode thank you so much you’re so talented!

Thanks. Of course I’ll have it done by tomorrow or later tonight. :blush:

Thanks so much :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just use the bg I said plz

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Here you go. Sorry it took so long. :blush: And may I use it as an example?


Ahhh I love it! Do you want me to give credit?

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I’m glad you like it. :blush: credit @Elva_Writes

I’ll be writing a new story soon I’ll be sure to come back!

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Here is your cover. Tell me if you want anything changed. credit @Elva_Writes

Large Cover

Small Cover

Of course!

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