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Welcome to my splash shop. I make splashes here only. Fast and Free. The longest you may need to wait will probably be 2 days at most but could be about 4 days. There are rules to this splash shop! I hope you decide to request a splash here. Yes, I can add characters to them if needed. But, I can’t draw them. See you down below or not. :blush:

  1. Be Polite
  2. You must give credit to me @elva.writes_insta or Elva_Writes in your story; you don’t need to give credit on instagram just a readerMessage in your story is fine.
  3. If you ask me to make you one please don’t ask another person to make you the same request. It’s both rude and unfair.
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Please add this information:
Characer Details (If wanted)
Background or Preference:
Font (If you have a certain one you like):
Genre (It will help me find a background if you didn’t choose one):

My Examples


Okay! You commented on the other post. All my info is below!


Maybe white or light grey aabfc8cd95f0350be64a0f300ecb111e


Can it say ‘Warning! Mature themes and strong languages!’
just with a normal, not pretty, black font?


Nah, just want it exactly like the font color and size please!


Whenever you can finish it

: )

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I’m a member of that post actually :joy:. But that’s okay. I can still do it anywhere.

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Okay haha sorry! I just get very worried very easily! Thank you tho!

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Of course I get it. I’ll have your splash done tomorrow. :blush:

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sounds amazing : )

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Character Details

Mc Details:

Name- Audrey

Body- Rose 02

Brow- Arched Thick Style (Ginger Red)

Hair- Long Wavy Parted Hair (Strawberry Blonde)

Eyes- Rounds Downturned Wide (Green Emerald)

Face- Heart Soft

Nose- Defined Natural

Lips- Full Heart Pouty (Pink Warm Gloss)

Mc Outfit:

Top- sheer roller sleeve tanktop linen red cherry

Bottoms- Rippedleggingssimple grey light

Footwear- lace cape stiletto heels leather grey neutral warm

Accessories- woven bracelet metal accents red rose, diamond cluster earcuff earring ruby, ringed long chain necklace metal gunmetal

Love Interest Details:

Name- Alec

Body- Neutral 02

Brow- Round Medium (Dark Brown)

Hair- Slicked Back Solid (Brown Chestnut)

Eyes- Oval Wide (Brown Dark)

Face- Square Long Jaw Stubble

Nose- Grecian Narrow

Lips- Full Heart Natural (Beige Rose)

Love Interest Outfit:

Top- Short Sleeve Single Pocket Rolled Sleeve Red Auburn

Bottoms- Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Warm Grey Dark

Footwear- High Top Classic Leather Black

Accessories- Minimal Rimmed Facewatch Leather Brown

Background: bus station

Font: any but can it be red

Genre: romance

Can it just say mature themes and strong language

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Character deets
Eyes: deepset downturned, green emerald
Eyebrows: arched thick styled, dark black
Nose: grecian
Mouth: Red gloss, Full heart pouty
Skin: neutral01
Hair: long bang short hair, dark black
Soft heart
Choices matter, Choose wisely!
Extra details
Writing in a notepad

Grey mary janes
Mole cheek
Watch black

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Within april

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I will have your request done within the next two days or less :blush:

Is this a cover, splash, etc? Sorry I didn’t understand.

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1 panel

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Ok I’ll have your request done within the next two days or less. :blush:

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No problem. <3

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Hey, Elva!

I don’t really have like any character details, because the reader is my main character. However, the story is about a group of high school students whose secrets get leaked by an anonymous hacker. It’s called “High School Stories.” I don’t have any background preferences. I would please like both large and small covers. Please do your best! Also let me know if you agree. Thanks! Don’t worry :wink:, I’ll give you credit in my story!

Forever Reader
(PS please include this in the cover!)

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I mean watch blue navy

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Full outfit

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Hi! I’ll have your request done within the end of this week or sooner. :blush:. Also, do you want me to add random characters in the cover? If so what style is your story, Limelight, Ink, or Classic?

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