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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to…
@EM_EPISODE + @Artistofepi = one bomb art shop…

First Things First:

  • Do not steal our art, some is watermarked, some is not
  • we have to right to refuse your request, if you are being rude
  • do not request, if you will not use it
  • keep of topic posts to a different thread, or pm
  • don’t advertise for another art group, artist, contest, or anything else. This is OUR thread
  • be patient. some art takes longer than others, believe me, we don’t want you to wait longer than necessary
  • do not request art on multiple threads
    what do you want:
    do you want character(s) on it? (if so, send screenshots)
    when do you need it by:
    title of story: (if you’d like it on the art)
    author of story: (if you’d like it on the art)
    (for backgrounds) what kind? (kitchen, bathroom, garden etc.)
    anything else?:
    remember to credit: @em_episode or @Artistofepi
    for EM’s examples, click here
    Amani’s examples:

more coming soon…

Edits/ Profile Pictures

41E7C003-15B8-45FE-8EDF-C215D610F9D5 1003553084d0064247b92516d5edfbb242d6cb1d_1_389x500 1D2A0CE0-BCD3-4F89-A108-863DD888E454
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Art Scene

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104BB6C4-FF1F-458A-A651-AC539FE166719AFA-1630-41CB-AA6F-CFBB39DFCF53|690x411 FA7EC96F-8B40-41AA-865C-18F90B17122E|563x500 66572422e80a0ffdca809c793da74108544d883a_1_690x402|690x402 D974 B6CC9D8F-A602-4E77-BDCE-3B24F573AB7A

Thanks for stopping by :kissing_heart:


Those are amazing! I’m not requesting I just love your work!


thank you


Do you do watermarks?




I need one to put on my art


it is very late at night for me… do you think I could make it in the morning?




I have finished yours Nasia, from your previous topic.


@_Nasia we don’t do art that has been requested from other threads


I’m getting a bunch of watermarks but okay


oh ok, then I can do it.




Hello so I went to another art group but they declined me cause there not doing art anymore. So I dont post on other threads and this is the only one.
But I would like a profile picture for this guy here
Annd you can just play around with it.
If you can that will be great.
Also does @Artistofepi remeber me??


You seem familiar. In episode bombs?


Yup that me ginger cookie


we can definitely do it


op cool thanks


it will be done by tomorrow night (but probably morning)


it will be done tomorrow morning