Embarrassing Childhood Moment?



What’s your most embarrassing childhood moment?

Mine was in 4th grade I found a bug in my bag and I started crying in front of the whole class. :^)


Mine is when I told my brother that I had a crush on his best friend AM I STUPID LIKE WTF I don’t even bring up that persons name with him anymore its just tooooooo awkward


Seventh grade - I go to an all girls school and our brother school came over for a social thing and obviously I’ve been in this school for eight years right so I don’t know what boys are and I’m nervous and clumsy and dramatic and I trip and grab this dudes pants in attempt to not die and pull his pants down

I knew about boys after this experience.


I can list like 20 stories that can relate to that embarrassing moment of yours.


Sis it’s tooo much


God damn, slip that mans pants down. Probably a horny demon possessed you when you were at that age :joy:




It was fun - I saw my dignity die that day


Innocence has left the chat


I remember when people would be scared of this ghost called “Bloody Mary” in my school.
Once they turned off the lights in the bathroom and started saying “Bloody Mary turn on the sink”
The sink turned on, I ran far away :^)


Thing 1
Well I have one as well there was a spider crawling towards me and I screamed, and this was all during carpet time. So I crawled on my best guy friends lap and screamed and the whole class was laughing, and I totally forgot he liked me, so the teacher yelled at me and someone killed the spider, but it was hella embarrassing because he already liked me and I just kinda increased his thoughts even though I saw him as a brother. But he like kinda wrapped his arms around me and yeah that was embarrassing.

Thing 2
Another time I was wearing my friend’s high heels because she said I’d rock them so I walked in front of my crush (by the way this is 8th grade the other one was 2nd grade) so yeah I ended up tripping right in front of him threw my shoes off and hugged away.


and doesn’t know how to find her way back


Boyyyyy he hugged u bak. Thats tooo cute


I remember I busted out laughing when my teacher slipped off her chair, god I was so mean when I was in 4th grade, and sad thing is I still am LOL.


I think it was in 2nd grade, I told my teacher I wanted to pee. He told me he didn’t have time :expressionless: and to go sit down so I did as I was told. When the bell rang, he told us not go out and 10 minutes later when he dismissed us I ran out of the room to go to the toilet and I peed my pants :sob:


Oh baby, if I can count the times I’ve peed my pants.


She’s shishtar lost


Relatable - I wore heels for the first time in eighth grade and they were these cute ones with laces and hooks (I should have known) I was at my crushes birthday party and the lace from the other shoe caught on a hook and I was walking toward him and fell forward literally at his feet and just layed there for a few minutes coz I was like well can it get worse?


Noooooooo he’s like a brother to me, and he got excited as well :nauseated_face: I love him but not like that.

Girl I’m laughing now that’s hilarious!


Oh my gosh, I don’t know how this happens but I always call my teachers mum like what??/