Embarrassing stories

Haha I thought I’d share this little tid-bit with y’all.

So back in January I think, the teachers informed us that our school would have optional offline classes for students. As in, those who don’t wanna attend, could stay home and attend the online one instead. This was on the class’ WhatsApp chat group.
They asked us to reply like:-
Name. Roll number.

I spoke to my parents and we agreed I’d stay for online classes only. And I sent in the message with the same format. Five minutes later, I ask them, “I sent “online” only, right?”
My mom looks me, pale, “ONLINE?!”

And I panic so much thinking I’d said I’m ready for offline classes when I didn’t wanna go. I scramble to open the group convo, and my phone started to hang.

In a situation like that, I couldn’t resist it, and I said it.

The F word.

Three times.

In front of both of my parents.

My voice was low, I’m pretty sure only one of them, who was right next to me, could’ve heard it. But I still freaked out. I yelled, “EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE!”
And then I ran the hell outta there.

Anyway, I’d sent “online” only, so that was cool. :sunglasses:

But haha, that’s been my most embarrassing encounter with my parents. What’s an embarrassing experience you’ve had?


(Okay, I legit have no idea what this supposed to do, but I’ve seen it on a lotta threads, so here we go)

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I have thread called Most embarrassing thing that happened to you in school and you can see my embarrassing story there.

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