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hello, I know this isn’t really appropriate for an episode app. But I know how many people are very kind and helpful so I am going to give it a shot. I have this assignment I have to do in English class and I’m struggling really really hard, my Miss also said it determines the rest of our grade. If you guys are willing to help thank you so so so much.
You’re supposed to read the article and answer these questions I did a few but now I’m really stuck on these:
This is the assignment: The Grim Good of Animal Research | Wesley J. Smith | First Things

  1. Determine central idea (needs evidence)
  2. Analyze development of central idea (needs evidence)
  3. Comprehensive objective summary (needs evidence)
  4. Authors POV (needs evidence)
  5. Evaluate effect of author’s POV (needs evidence)

English is my weakness and if any one of you can help thank you so so much.

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Um… what kind of help do you need exactly? Sorry, I’m just confused…

yes! sorry for making it confusing you’re supposed to read the article and answer the questions I already did a few but those are the ones im really stuck on

what do we do?

Im sorry I made it confusing im supposed to read the article and answer those questions. It honestly doesn’t have to be good or long I just need something

So, I can’t give you the answers, because that’s just wrong, but I’ll try to help-

This is what its mostly about, right? Think about what they wrote about, and the “tone” of the article, like are they trying to persuade you to do something? Or just inform you of events(s) that happened? Is it a serious topic or more of a joke? Use this to determine what its mostly about! Like:
The article mainly focuses on_______. This conflict is…

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okay thank you so much!

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If you need English help I passed with a 97 by using Sparknotes



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Though I would love to help
I am just as clueless as you.

Hello, I’m not sure I would be of any assistance to you. I hope you find what you are looking for. Any sort of advice would be re read it and look for clues or any sort of information that is useful with the topic.
Which if this is Animal Research - anything with Keywords as: Animal, Behavior, Research, Researchers, Capitalized words or phrases and dates especially years. I hope this helped. If not I’m sincerely sorry.

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from what i got so far with this definition:

The article is mainly about the “grim good” animal experimentation does to human life generally. check paragraph 5 and so forth. the article is in favor animal experimentation tbh.

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thank you i’m going to focus on those paragraphs

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thank you so much!

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Your very much welcome!

The development of the central idea is through the introduction of current events (PETA and the current dilemma - whether or not animal experimentation is worth sacrificing animals), past events that have already occurred in the past (history), and references from other articles.

i might be wrong tho XD

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omg thank you so so so much! and dw it seems right

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