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Welcome to El Wood. It’s the home to some of the world’s most famous celebrities, and the world’s most critical emergencies. On average, the El Wood Police Departments, El Wood Fire Departments, and El Wood Hospitals get about one-hundred calls every day involving those emergencies. The town’s police officers, firefighters, and doctors sure do live a busy life. However, we’ve never really known what life they lead. Maybe by day, they’re a police officer, but, by night, they’re a loving mother or father. All we really see is what they do for us.

Emergency is basically a roleplay to highlight the real lives of our real life heroes. As ordinary people, we’ve never really taken the time to think about what it’d be like to really have the courage and strength to be one of those people. In this roleplay, we can really try to understand it.

For this roleplay, you must take the roleplay test. In order to be able to reserve a spot, you must take the RP test. Your score must be an seven to ten otherwise you cannot be part of this roleplay. This roleplay is important to me and I wanna keep it alive

For this RP, you must be active for at least four days a week. On Tuesdays, the police officers will have a crime they must solve. On Thursdays, the firefighters will have a place to save. On Fridays, the doctors and nurses will have two people to save. On Saturdays, all police officers, firefighters, and doctors will have a situation involving themselves. On a rare occasion, a crisis may not happen.

If you do not pass the RP test, you can still be part of the roleplay. Depending on your score, I’ll let you know what spots you can have.

The following spots may be reserved if you have passed the RP test.

Doctors - 0/5 taken

Nurses - 0/7 taken

Firefighters - 0/5 taken

Police Officers - 3/5 taken

Investigators - 1/2 taken

Celebrities - 0/2 taken

NOTE: If you choose to be a celebrity, a doctor or nurse may put your life at risk because of their decisions.

If you want to join, please click here to take the RP test. I will immediately notify you of your results.


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I don’t see anything… I don’t know if it’s just me… Like I can’t see that test were supposed to see.


Neither can I.



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I’m currently making it, I accidentally posted the topic before I finished it.


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@Adam.Epy and @C_ssie, it’s up. :slight_smile:


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Okay, I wanna clear up something.

A lot of you guys say that your responses are usually medium, but they are actually short.

Here are some examples:


She looked over at him,"Yeah, I’m okay."She said, smiling at him.


She looked over at him. "Yeah, I’m okay."She said with a smile. She wondered why he had asked her that question. It wasn’t like something was wrong at the time, and she wasn’t sure if something was really wrong.


“Are you okay?” He had told her. She looked over at him, the look on her face was quite curious. "O-Of course I’m okay!"She said, smiling at him. She had wondered why her boyfriend had asked the question. Maybe something was wrong… Maybe they were in danger! She shook off all of those thoughts, and immediately changed the subject. "So, how’s your family?"She said, bluntly.

NOTE: Long responses are usually longer than this.


I accidentally sent you one of y sort responses when i clicked medium. So do @K_mren. Do you want us to retake, or just send you other examples?


If you’d like. :slight_smile:

Just PM if you want to.


Reserve for Male police officer :sunny:


Reserve for Female Police officer