Emergency /// RP Signups \\\


Reserve for Male Investigator


You can’t reserve yet… :sweat_smile:


oh ok lol my bad sorry


Just took the test


took the test ! looking forward to it :yellow_heart:


reserve for a celebrity, please ! thank you :yellow_heart:


If you are a celebrity, do you rp all 4 days?


Reserve for doctor please


You will occasionally be on. The celebrities would also have to take on some celebrity duties as well. :slight_smile:


Ookay cool but I’ll reserve for a firefighter for now :blush:



I may start this soon and will play the missing characters as NPCs.

So, the signup form will be in the making.


Oh. I forgot about this. I’m so sorry. My bad.


I just realised how long ago this was made :joy: Are you still taking people because I already took the test?


Ikr, me too