Emilee’s Custom pose shop [OPEN] 🌙 *INK ONLY*

hi welcome to my custom pose shop! please read throughly if you are wanting to request :white_heart:

do NOT rush me, i am about to be an adult and i can get extremely busy, i promise you i will get to your request just please be patient!
do NOT argue with me, if i ask you a question or tell you something i am most likely just trying to help, treat me with respect and you will receive the same back.
if using my work ANYWHERE credit me! if i find out you have used my work without proper credit, i will warn you to others and i will not be nice about it whatsoever.
absolutely NO THREAD HOPPING! thread hoping is where you request the same thing from a different person, this is disrespectful and a waste of my time. if i find out you are doing this i will decline your request.
INK ONLY! sorry, once i experiment more with custom poses on LL i will then change this!
please DO NOT make the pose too complex! i will inform when i am unable to create the certain pose you want.
use the password moonlight when requesting and blur it!

i will update this when i make more!


how many characters? (2 max):
character & outfit details:
pose reference:
any extras? (piercings, or anything else you want me to add):
transparent background or no? (if no please leave the background you want)

you can credit me by my forums username or on instagram @epy.emilee!


i am not obligated to do your request! if will tell you why this is when i decline it. however you can always come back & request again properly afterwards unless i tell you otherwise, if i have to decline your request more than 3 times i will no longer accept any requests from you.



bump, i’m at school rn so i may not see all requests until afterwards!

Your banners are so cute!!

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thank you!

bump?? :sob::sob: