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Ok.Thank you. I thought so. Pls do tell me if u have any doubts :blush:

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Hey, I’ve done these, the writing on the bike shop one is kinda hard to read so I did the other one as well. Tell me if I’ve made a mistake or if you want anything changed.

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perfect thank you :purple_heart:

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Hey I wanted to ask for an cover
which includes 2 characters a boy and a girl I will upload a cover that I have done once for reference but here the character details:

The girl
-a lil tanned
-blue eyes
-noticeable freckles
-dark brown waivy hair
-wears earings and rings
-the outfit if its on the cover could be in the style grunge
-she quite long lashes and a scar above her right brow

the boy:
-really tall
-dark eyes
-dark blonde hair
-a lil pale
-he has rosy cheeks
-his hair is short but at the top has loose curls
-a defined jawline
-similar style to grunge

Maybe her piggy riding him them looking in each other

-a night sky full of stars maybe?
-whatever your most comfortable with:)

Yeah thats pretty much it here the preference.

@saleemepi6 I’ve done this, tell me what you think. If you want something changed or if it’s ok.

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Wow…It’s superb😍. I just want a bit greenery kinda background or some what dark not too bright . This background is gud but it’s too light shaded and I want the background to be blurry so that the focus is on the characters ,the cycles basket is quite big is it possible to reduce the size if not no problm . The characters pose is perfect. And one other thing the font style I ll specify 2 fonts for you 1001 font website- fantasy hollow regular and hunting star font . I am really sorry if I am saying a lot of changes I totally frgt to mention the fonts :worried:

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Hi, I do have another request if you don’t mind since small cover is perfect I’d like a Large Cover with the same details accept the characters are zoomed in like this image for reference and their pose is different. Background and font like I have mentioned . I dint expect the request completed so soon.


And the story name should be far right of the cover the character image should occupy max of the cover.


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@saleemepi6 I will make those changes tonight and I will do the large cover. :purple_heart:

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Hey, I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking, because you didn’t send the character details, story title, name you want it by. :purple_heart:

Oh but it shows me the message where i wrote about the two characters in detail

You need to tell me the details like what body type, skin tone, hair style and colour ect

for a cover I the details: story name is: Moral of the story by ToriWrites

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Is this better?

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Ya much better. :hugs: Just that is it possible for any other font color or could you give a glow effect to the font that would be better. If not this is fine. There s a small error Nathan’s hand is not completely erased . I am sorry if I am being picky I really appreciate your work​:heart_eyes:.Can you send me the text alone as well i need it as an overlay?

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Hey, I’m so sorry for the late reply I’ve done this what do you think?

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Ya its perfect :blush: . this’ll do. What about Large cover will it take time , its no rush. Take your time. I am just asking :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the author name color is perfect , white right you can do this same for the story name. But overlay let it be the same

I’m opening the shop back up, and I’m free to take requests.

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She means like their character details. Like:

She needs them for both so that your request can be accepted :blush:


Hey, are you hiring?