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You need to tell me the details like what body type, skin tone, hair style and colour ect

for a cover I the details: story name is: Moral of the story by ToriWrites

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Is this better?

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Ya much better. :hugs: Just that is it possible for any other font color or could you give a glow effect to the font that would be better. If not this is fine. There s a small error Nathan’s hand is not completely erased . I am sorry if I am being picky I really appreciate your work​:heart_eyes:.Can you send me the text alone as well i need it as an overlay?

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Hey, I’m so sorry for the late reply I’ve done this what do you think?

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Ya its perfect :blush: . this’ll do. What about Large cover will it take time , its no rush. Take your time. I am just asking :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the author name color is perfect , white right you can do this same for the story name. But overlay let it be the same

I’m opening the shop back up, and I’m free to take requests.

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She means like their character details. Like:

She needs them for both so that your request can be accepted :blush:


Hey, are you hiring?