Emilyh.writes art shop! (free art)

I would like to share my art and give out free art to authors who can’t afford an artist or would like to experiment with art scenes. Of course credit is due when you publish and if you have an Instagram to credit on a highlight.
Here are some examples of my art:


Can I request something?

Of course! send me a message of what you’re looking for.

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I want an art scene but the readers can choose their outfit. Would you draw the same scene but with different outfits? If not it‘s okay.

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Sure I can do that.

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LL, 2 characters, art scene



Body: Neutral 03
Brow: Arched Natural, black Jet
Hair: Long Feathered, Black Dark
Eyes: Generic, Hazel
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full round flat top skin, deep pink matte

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3



Body: Neutral 04
Brow: straight medium, jet black
Hair: Messy Undercut, jet black
Eyes: Generic, blue green
Face: chiseled angular
Nose: Grecian narrow
Lips: Medium Heart, Beige gold matte




grey - white

Thankss for doing this!

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Can I request one?

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i’ll get on it.

of course just send the details.

How it‘s going?

You can cancel my request.

Hey, can I want free art too I’m a new writer an I’d really appreciate it if u can make a cover for me, no pressure tho if u cant it’s okay!

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hello, i love you examples. do you make like a multiple character scene, it can just be an edit like. I want a group of friends walking in a club with one in the middle

heyy, i’m a new artist, but can’t afford to pay for art. this is just what i’m looking for!! Do you still do free art? tysm!

I don’t think she’s active anymore, but you can find some active art shops:)

oh ok tysm for your help

Hey are u taking any requests?

They haven’t posted anything since July last year, so I don’t think they are taking requests anymore :))

Okay thank you so much for telling me!

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Could I request something?