Emma’s art shop(ink) ~Open

Wazzup, welcome to my art shop!
So, I only accept ink art request, I do NOT do limelight.
So on this thread you can request either art scenes(for published stories), covers, or pfp!!
So basically here are the rules you need to follow and the forms you need to fill out,

  1. DO NOT STEAL MY ART: do not claim my art as your own and do not trace the art, I work very hard on my drawings.
  2. NO THREAD HOPPING: do not request from here if u already requested it on another thread, and if u request her do not request the same thing on another thread.
    3)HAVE PATIENCE: you need to have patience when requesting art, it might take me a day or two, it could take longer if I have other request to finish before yours so be patient or your request will be rejected.
    4)GIVE CREDIT: you have to give me credit when using my art or I will have you reported, you ca credit my Instagram: @emmy.epy
  3. DO NOT REQUEST SOMETHING IF UR NOT GONNA USE IT: please do not request something if ur not gonna use because I spend so much time making them and you not using it would bébés like time wasted.



What kind of art are you requesting (art scene, pfp or cover):
How many characters (2 max):
Character details:
Screenshots (optional):
Additional text:




Okay wow! I don’t need anything but your Art is so amazing I’m gonna cry :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

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Ty :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

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What kind of art are you requesting (art scene, pfp or cover): Scene
How many characters (2 max): 2

Character Details

Skin: Toffee
Brows: Mature Round
Hair: Straight
Hair Color: Charcoal
Eyes: Upturned Feline
Eyes Color: Black
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Full Round
Lip Color: Crimson

Skin: Caramel
Brows: Medium Sharp
Hair: Boy Bun
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Deepest Piercing
Eyes Color: Purple
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven
Lip Color: Taupe


Dress: Navy Blue Cut Out Dress
Shoes: Femme Fatale Black Leather Heels
•Moon Necklace
• Silver Rising Star Earrings

Shirt: Tank Top Black
Pants: Black Tight Pants
Shoes: Black Hipster High Tops Sneakers
•Brown Leather Buckle Bracelet

Additional text: None



Extra Detail

She has a tattoo on her left Arm

He has this tattoo on his neck

Others: I want his arms to be on both sides of her instead. I want the male MC to have a smirk/devil-ish look on his face. I also want both of them on the left side. The Female MC against the wall and him in front of her. The female MC to have a worried look with her biting her lip slightly please.

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Ok, it might take a couple days but I’ll get it done as soon as possible😊

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@Sammiee , what do you think?

(I sent one of them as a png with a transparent background)

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I love it :heart_eyes:! Thank you so much! What would you like me to credit you at?

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Credit my insta @emmy.epy

@Sammiee , I forgot to put her earrings and other details, I’ll fix it , give me just a sec

@Sammiee , here it’s is with the tattoos and her earrings

Thank you so much! Ok i’ll credit you for sure!

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Hi! Your Art looks amazing And I’m in need of a cover for my story…
1 character
I’ve just started it. It’s called “Purple Death”

Her looks :
Face shape : Oval
Lips : Full round - Toffe
Nose : Elven
Skin color : Tan
Eyes : Upturned feline - Blue
Hair : Rebel half shaved - Purple
Eyebrows - seducive arch

If you won’t do it, that’s fine~!

So, I want her to stand in the middle of this background


And blowing on her gun… Liek she’s holing a hun and blows at it…? I’m not sure how to explain
This looks super weird but something like that…


And about her outfit…

Something like that

If you can’t do it then it’s completely fine! And If that’s too hard then you Can just draw her standing with her face zoomed up while doing animation arms_crossed_angry. But if you Can do the other one then that’s Perfect! Thank you for your Time.

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@WolfyLover247 I can do it but it might take a couple days to get done also was it a large cover or small cover

Small cover!! Thank you so much!

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What do you think @WolfyLover247 ?

Thank you sooooooooooo much!

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Just a question… Can you do limb overlays?

If yes then..

I have no idea how to explain what I need but oh well…
So, I need female limb overlays for INK character with TAN skin color…

  • Y’know the hand overlay that the female when kissing holds the back of the males head? Yeah… I hope you do, cuz that’s one that I need…
  • Like the hand when she does the animation talk_contend or shush
  • Then a hand where she holds a knife. Like she’d hold it at a guys throat.
  • Like, she’d hug someone, hands crossed… (Hugging a male)
  • Kissing. A hand that could go to his back. In a fist…
  • and a hand that could hold someones mouth shut…

I hope I made sense because I don’t even understand what I’ve just said…

@WolfyLover247 sure it might take a couple hours to do but I can do it