Emma’s edit shop(doing covers,overlay,splashes,custom poses..)

Hi there, are u looking for someone to make you a cover, overlay, splashes or a custom pose, you’ve come to the right place. Just follow these simple rules and fill the form to place in you request💛

  1. DO NOT STEAL MY Work: do not claim my edits as your own, I work very hard on my edits.
  2. NO THREAD HOPPING: do not request from here if u already requested it on another thread, and if u request her do not request the same thing on another thread.
  3. HAVE PATIENCE: you need to have patience when requesting art, it might take me a day or two, it could take longer if I have other request to finish before yours so be patient or your request will be rejected.
  4. GIVE CREDIT: you have to give me credit when using my edits or I will have you reported, you can credit my Instagram: [@emmy.epy]
  5. DO NOT REQUEST SOMETHING IF UR NOT GONNA USE IT: please do not request something if ur not gonna use because I spend so much time making them and you not using it would bébés like time wasted.

Character screenshots(with the pose you want)
Any extra pose details
Title of the story as well as the name you want me to put on the cover(if it’s a cover)
Background details
If it’s an overlay or custom pose you must provide all the details necessary for me to be able to complete it


image image


Can you do more than one character? I have two characters that I wish to be edited.

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@beautiful_bana yes I can

Do you have any examples?

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@PropertyofNae I just added a few examples

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I need some cover art for my upcoming story and would really appreciate the help! :slight_smile:

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@mya12354 sure just fill out the form/ send me details for it


Bump ,

Hey can you do overlays of characters writing motorcycles?

@TamiRose yes i can i just need the character details

Sure, but it might take a while since there are a couple to do. @TamiRose

omgah I forgot to ask if you can add helmets :exploding_head: so sorry

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@TamiRose on all of them?

Yes pls. If that’s way too much don’t even stress about it. I’m just happy someone’s even helping me out :sweat_smile:

@TamiRose sure no worries

Hello! Do you still do custom poses? :blush: