Emoji change again?

Is it me or have the emojis changed again? I could also just be the most unobservant person ever, but…


I’m still seeing the Apple emojis, but I’m on my phone now.

What do the new ones look like?


It changed back for me now. I should have screenshotted it

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No, they’re either weird on mobile or they keep switching it!

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I actually noticed this a while ago when I was reading older PMs and threads.
I’m not super familiar with Discourse but I think it’s possible that emojis from older exchanges don’t switch to whatever the new current style is.


Another example; this thread from about a year ago shows the older ones.

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No I’m guessing they didn’t update it from all old posts but if you edit replies and re-enter the emojis, they change to the updated ones.

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Yeah I noticed this too, older posts where we used the previous version of Facebook emojis (the very first one on the Forums), some of them converted to either the new Facebook emojis (we’ve used this second), Twitter ones (we’ve used this third) or the current Apple one (we’re using this now). Any current post we make will contain Apple emojis or any post we edit, the emojis will become the current one, I believe.


This shouldn’t be true. The emoji you use on the forum is just a single setting that you can switch around pretty easily

The weird thing is that some of the stuff I noticed this on… I wrote it after we switched to Apple! Also it’s not been a problem until recently

We got the Apple emojis as our default ones on Friday, April 5th so everyone, when they’re writing and they use emojis those are the ones that will get used. That IS strange :thinking: And this is something that I’ve been seeing for a kinda long time since Facebook updated their emojis which caused them to change on the Forums. Since then, emojis have been converting from the first default emojis we used to the other ones we’ve used whether that be the updated Facebook version, or the twitter ones or Apple emojis.

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I’m not really sure what it is, then.

I just noticed that all of the emojis before the updates in my old PMs and comments haven’t reverted to the Apple ones. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I did notice some other forum posts where some emojis changed and some didn’t. It could be a glitch on Discourse but Idk. The mods probably know better than me lol