:happywaffle: ~ Emoji Exploji!

Hey Guys! It’s boring time for me, so I decided to make this game, since I found the variations of emojis in the brand new Episode forum(They’re so frickin’ cool!).

In here, the first user makes a sentence only using emojis and then the next user tries to decipher the meaning outta it and also has to make a sentence using emojis for the next user to guess.

Here’s an example:

@EpisodeFreak1: :raising_hand_woman::microphone::wine_glass::question:
@EpisodeFreak2: Hey! Are you up for karaoke and booze tonight?
*@EpisodeFreak3: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
@EpisodeFreak4: I love body therapy!

…And so on.


I’ll start first:


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I guess I’ll give this a try. Apologies, I’m probably going to be rubbish! :joy:

Recycle and save the planet?


I love bacon???

Correct! :joy:

I don’t like ghosts. Hold the princes hand.


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I hate Studying! (I can relate to ya, Girl)



I fell in love with an Alien!

:pouting_cat: :roll_eyes: :space_invader:

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The cat suspects that the pixel did something.

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A chick hatched from an egg flies over a unicorn whose footprints are left on the watery waves of the ocean, but at the end of the long & tiresome journey, only manages to find an apple :laughing:


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Praise God. I finally got a 100 on that math test.

:crown::heart_eyes: :crown::hocho:

Yay, I’m queen now let’s kill the king?

Omw I sound like a psycopath :expressionless:


I wish I could burn away this damn pen!


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A romantic movie night?


Weird zoo fetish?:joy:
:elf:t4:‍♀ :earth_africa: :closed_lock_with_key:

I’m going to guess… Women have the key to the world.


Time for school :frowning:


I loved my birthday gift?


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I am going to guess. Ready?
I licked the butterfly on my head???

I’m keeping a secret because I cut pig hearts? :sweat_smile:

That was horrible, but maybe you can guess this.
:clown_face: :grimacing: :skull_and_crossbones:

Don’t tell anyone I killed the pig?