Emoji Exploji! 😁


I hate lesbian, gay or straight relationships for some reason.

:alien::ghost::dancer::dizzy_face: :man_shrugging:


Ghosts, aliens like dancing makes me dizzy but I don’t care.



I just love autumn!



An angel and a devil were sad and then they got dizzy as poop.

:sunny: :leaves: :angel: :deer: :fire: :cry:


The weather was angelic but then there was a fire that killed an elk and now I’m sad.



Robot was happy, and shocked because he found out he was the beautiful person he is, gay They played volleyball, and he was happy, but then the other was sad.

:dog: :cat: :anger: :cry:


A dog and a cat were at the crossroads and they were crying.

:bearded_person::first_quarter_moon_with_face::amphora: :ticket: :canada:


The man saw the moon, and saw a amphora. He got a ticket for stealing it in the UK.

:chicken: :fried_egg: :crystal_ball: :dress:


I took an egg from hen, made an omelette and saw in my crystal mystic ball that I was getting a turqoise colored dress.



Monkey see Monkey do Monkey not see (oof)

:hotsprings: :dog: :cup_with_straw: :cake:


A cute doggy taking sauna eating patisserie with milkshake.



ghost got scared by a devil, and another devil. And another. There were dead skulls, a kricket and the ghost saw it the ghost was scared af.

:ghost: :sob: :hugs: :smile: :sunny: