Emoji Exploji! 😁


Super Dog, met a Genie the dog asked for 100 dollars, and got it…

:money_with_wings: :moneybag: :dagger: :scream: :running_woman: :running_man: :running_man: :running_woman:


Money was flying and I grabbed a bag out of it. I saw a sword aiming towards me and I started running.



My teacher is old, my friend and her sister got a cat and the old man went to jail.

:dog: :cat: :key: :door: :lock: :lock_with_ink_pen: :alarm_clock: :running_woman: :running_shirt_with_sash:


I locked the dog and the cat inside the house and raced outta time to reach that swimming competition.



I love to go shopping but everything is just so damn expensive? (That’s petty relatable).


Yeah I’m not that good at this :sweat_smile:


It’s showing, so imma gonna make a snowman but a strong wind destroyed the snowman?
:man_cook:t3::hamburger::nauseated_face::dizzy_face: :expressionless::woman_judge:t3::man_cook:t3:


This chef gave me a burger to eat. It was gross. I vomited and was dizzy. I took a nap. Next thing I knew, the burger was drugged and the judge didn’t care. The chef was free.


Since no one posted anything, sooo…



I need a hair cut and my nails done and a relaxing massage to make me feel happy?


I took out one of my tooth to give to tooth fairy so that she can give me money.



lmao i completely forgot :laughing:


The cat and the dog looked at the yellow man as he looked like he didn’t like them.



The demon and I were celebrating Halloween where he became a cowboy and I became a clown and then he revealed himself to be a human boy and then we eventually fell in love.

:innocent::smiling_imp::eyes: :pray:


An angel and a devil make eye contact and high five

:cloud_with_rain: :cold_face::sneezing_face::face_with_thermometer::mask:


I have a bad cold because of the rainy weather.



I love fighting against the blue rainbow crocodile!

:worried::100::clock630::grey_exclamation::pray: :page_facing_up:




I’m 100% worried because time is ticking away. Please, send me a letter!



Christmas is coming soon and I need to have a good fortune to become happy??


I love the LGBTQ+ community!!!

:pizza::hamburger::icecream::yum::eyes::astonished::see_no_evil::sob: :face_vomiting: