Emoji Exploji! 😁


I love food but ate too much

:sleepy:. :sleeping: :zzz: :last_quarter_moon_with_face::crescent_moon:


I was so tired, so I slept and dreamed about moons being happy-



I felt so many emotions that I died?

:frowning_woman: :smiling_imp: :arrow_right: :baby::dizzy_face::smiling_imp:


I thought I was the only devil, but my young newborn sibling turned out to be the most devilish of 'em all!



I wanna meet my dream girl or boy and wanna have fun with them




it’s not what you think
Read the first post




I didn’t understand it :sweat_smile:


you have to find out what the series of emoji’s mean posted by the person above you…


Pizza tastes good but stupid people make me face palm and I am depressed



Toothaches make me want to puke and they’re evil?



I don’t like shooting reptiles and other green things?



No. It was β€œ I don’t like going out side β€œ


Oh that makes sense


:yum: :heart: :derelict_house: :pizza: :fried_egg: :breast_feeding:


I like eating homemade pizza and babies…?

:heart: :woman_cartwheeling: :heavy_plus_sign: :dancer:


haha I like your version! actually it is 'I love homemade pizza made by my mom it isn’t fair from my side cause I know it… But 'I love rhythmic gymnastics?


You like gymnastics and dancing?