Emoji Movie Game!

I loved the game by @Zenextria and it got bumped. I decided to recreate in on another thread!

The rules are simple:
i’ll start by putting emojis, and a person has to guess what movie it’s from.

episodeuser1: :dog::100:
episodeuser2: 100 Dalmatians
episodeuser1: Correct!
And so on and so forth…

I start!

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Snow White

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Can anyone guess it?

:point_left::point_right: :+1: aka You created this topic in the wrong section of the forums. I have gone ahead and moved it to the Forum Games sub forum. Thanks!

A dog’s purpose? :joy: I have no idea!

:clown_face: :balloon:



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:lizard::turtle::snake::droplet: :wilted_flower: (I don’t think anyone will get that!)

dying reptiles?? lmao i suck sorry

:woman::woman::woman::woman_singer::woman_singer::woman_singer: (idk how to represent this lol, there’s not only 3 women though i was too lazy to put more)

Pitch Perfect?.. I think?

:cityscape: :dog: :cat: :bird: :rabbit: :snake:

Secret Life Of Pets?..
:genie:‍♂ :adult:t4: :prince:t4:

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I caught a genie that made me an adult




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flower gay mermaids make me angry and sick? is that even a movie dood

Jurassic World? I love that movie

close, it was the thought movie (Undertale)
is yours jaws?

Yeah, I couldn’t find other emojis :grin::grin:

Emoji The Movie?



Barbie Fairy Secret? XDDDD


Get Out?
Idrk :joy:

Movie: :shushing_face::family_man_woman_girl_boy::scream::running_man::name_badge:


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